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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

27th APR Scout Jamboree and 3rd international Patrol Jamboree. Suncheon, Korea

The 27th Asia Pacific Regional Scout Jamboree and 3rd International Patrol Jamboree kicks off in Suncheon, Korea on 4th August 2010. Over 12.000 Scouts from 43 countries from all over the APR and the World has gathered in Suncheon the Ecological city of Korea to take part in this event.
I took part in the Jamboree as APR YAMG and as YAMG we were assigned to look after and manage the Jamboree International Service team (IST) and to facilitate and run the Scout Youth Environment Forum. However we also launched the opening of the 6th APR Internet Jamboree for the Jamboree participants from APR Village in the Jamboree site.
YAMG present include: me, Ari, Benz and Hafiz. Jessy also took part in the Jamboree however since she is also staff at the KSA (Korea Scout Association) she was already busy in tasks that KSA has assigned her.
The IST crowd we had were totally AWESOME !!! it was fun to work with the guys and we all had a good time. We ran all the activities in the APR Village. Participants who completed APR Village activities got the FRIENDSHIP AWARD.

The YAMG made a Patrol and we completed all the tasks of the Hwarang Award 2010 which was given by the Korea Scout Association. The YAMG members; me, Hafiz, Benz and Ari now hold the Hwarang Award.

The IST was made up of Scouters and volunteers from India, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, Taiwan, Korea, Maldives, Indonesia and Thailand.

The Youth Scout Environment forum during the Jamboree was facilitated and run by me and Benz since Ari was in charge of the Internet Jamboree and Hafiz was handling the APR Village the two of us were left to run the Forum.The forum went on great as the participants divided into three groups and each group taking part in outdoor observations making evaluations and preparing presentations based on their findings. Scouts concentrated on waste management, disposal, recycling, re-using and also general cleanliness.

I had a great time with in Korea ... Hope to be there soon again.

Vacation back home; MALDIVES

Its been real long since I had posted anything up here. So here I go.

After the APR Leaders Summit in Bangalore I came back to Mysore, to renew my residence permit in India and took a ticket to Male' via Colombo. Dad wanted me back in Male' where there was unfinished business that I had to be present.

The flight from Bangalore to Colombo was delayed for about 2 hours, then when I arrived to Colombo (where I had THE LONGEST transit stay) again the flight was delayed for like 2 hours. This was one of the disadvantages in taking a Srilankan Airlines UL flight (UL - usually late). However when I arrived in Male' International Airport I was greeted by familiar faces, Dad, Nadhutha, Samman, Shahud, Ahpi, Azan and the crowd.

I was in Male' from the 6th July to 30th July 2010, 25 days of wonderful time and fun. Naturally I was doing a lot of scouting and a lot of spending good time.

During the time in Male' I was helping the Hiriya School Scouts as they were preparing for their investiture. Also got to attend the Investiture of Majeedhiya School Scouts (1st Male' Scouts).

There were two fairs which I was able to contribute to as well. One was the Hiriya School fair where we made a web tower for the kids to climb and the other fair in Kalaafaanu School where we made a monkey bridge and made a obstacle course scout style. It was good to do a lot of pioneering, which has been some thing that I love from the beginning of my scouting. And it felt much better to have our old crowd work together, bringing a lot of memories and leaving behind yet more memories.

On the 23rd on July, which was also the Maldivian Scout membership day (the day the Scout Association of Maldives got membership form WOSM) our crowd organized a REUNION BBQ in Hulhumale'. Where all most all of us attended. Me, Shahud, Samman, Sammah, Fitte, Ahpi, Azan, Shifzan, Anna (Shahud) and Babaa all of us had a good time. Must say one of the best BBQ I have been to. IT WAS A BLAST!!!

latter on the 26th of July, I was involved in the Independence day celebrations where I was part of a group of swimmers which included my little brother Abaa, who swam from a Close Island (funadhoo) to Male' where President Mohamed Nasheed was out to greet us.

Finally after spending an AWESOME time back home I came back to Mysore again on UL from Male' - Colombo - Bangalore. UL kept its name it was usually late again ...

Friday, March 5, 2010

ATM's Ruin my day!!!

All this happened on the 25th February 2010!! All events took place while I was trying to reach Bangalore International Airport to catch a flight to Singapore.

I arrived to Majestic bus station, Bangalore after a three and half hour trip from Mysore. As soon as I was out of the station I took an Auto (Rickshaw) to the nearest ATM. My card; which was an BML Visa card, did not work from this ATM, I knew at once this ATM doesn't read foreign cards so I asked the Auto driver to take me to another ATM. I did tell him that since I have a Maldivian card take me to a ATM of a major Bank of India! He takes me to a HDC Bank ATM. It worked!!! I withdrew money enough for me to pay to my agent who booked my Singapore ticket, which as agreed I had to pay for when I arrive to Bangalore. I met him and paid for the ticket.

As I was done paying my agent I asked the same Auto driver whom I had hired to take me to the Airport Bus. Somehow the Auto driver managed to convince me that I should take a cab to the Airport rather than a Bus which he says would consume a lot of time and since I was already a bit off my schedule so naturally I agreed with him and asked him to take me to a Cab instead of a Bus!! As he takes me to this cab, and asks me to pay him IRS 350 for the Auto. Which I assumed was somewhat reasonable for all the troubles he took for me.

The Cab driver tells me he has to be paid IRS 500 to take me to the Airport. Which again was reasonable since it was late night and the distance ... So I agreed to this guy. But since I had not planed this cab ride earlier I told him that I will be needing to stop to an ATM to withdraw enough money to pay for the ride! I did tell him that my card works only with certain major Banks in India so take me to one of those ATM's. He agrees and tells me "Not to worry there are plenty of those ATM's on the way to Airport!".

The story begins

The first ATM he took me was in a shopping complex on the way to Airport. As I inserted the card into it the ATM tells me "INVALID TRANSACTION". I come out of there and head to the next ATM which was across street. Here again the ATM tells me "INVALID TRANSACTION". At this point I was very sure that this is definitely a problem with Indian banking system and Indian ATM's.

I go back to the cab, tells him the situation and he tells me again "Not to worry more ATM's on the way"

The cab driver takes me to a SBI ATM, here again the ATM wouldn't let me withdraw any cash!! However was relived cause this ATM recognized my card, after all SBI is the State Bank of India!! I tried several times again but no luck. At this point of time I was really very p***** off!! feeling very disappointed. I go back to the cab, where the Cab driver was quite suspicious of me, for a moment or two I had the feeling that he had the picture of me trying to run off without paying!!

He tells me there are couple of ATM's in the Airport!! "So lets get going shall we?"

At the Airport I tried the ATM's there but no luck!!! I was very embarrassed and felt very ******, I had a cab driver besides me who looked angry and I had a flight to catch in an Hour!!
I didn't know what to do!!! then it came to me I had a $10 with me. I went to the money exchange at the airport exchanged the $10 and paid the cab guy his money!! ( he did take IRS 50 more for all the trouble!!

As soon as I paid the Cab guy I waked into Departure. There was one thing in my mind!!! I cursed Indian ATM's!! Suddenly my cell rings ...

"Man, so you in the flight?"
"Asif, yea!! I am in the Airport, I hate Indian Banking and ATM's"
"why what happened?"
"My card don't work at any ATM here!!"
" ... ummm ... did you withdraw somewhat USD 400 today"
".... let me think ... yea I paid for ticket + I had withdrawn back in Mysore as well today. why?"
" Ohh ... BML, Maldives they allow only USD 400 per day!!"
"Ohhh ... I see ..."

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Merlion, Singapore


I was in Singapore for a Regional Scout meeting last week!! The Merlion was one thing I found remarkable in Singapore!!

The Merlion was first designed as an emblem for the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in 1964 – the lion head with a fish body resting on a crest of waves quickly became Singapore’s icon to the rest of the world.

Originally located at the Merlion Park by the Esplanade Bridge, the Merlion and the Cub became a popular tourist attraction for visitors. The installation ceremony took place on 15 September 1972, officiated by the then Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Today, the Merlion has found a new home just 120 metres away from its original location, adjacent to one Fullerton.

Measuring 8.6 metres high and weighing 70 tonnes, the Merlion statue was built from cement fondue by the late Singapore craftsman, Mr Lim Nang Seng. A second and smaller Merlion statue, measuring two metres high and weighing three tones, was also built by Mr Lim. The body was made of cement fondue, the skin from porcelain plates and eyes from small red teacups.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Been quite sometime since I put up any Posts up here. I recently came back from the 7th SAF Scout Friendship Camp held from the 20-26, November,2009 National Youth Complex, Gadpuri, India. I was up there with SYD from APR to help organize the Youth Forum there. Boy to get to there from Bangalore i had to travel on a train for two days. Now this is a great experience i tell you!!! Maldivian Contingent was also there, 16 of them. In the end I ended up being with them.

The forum went on smooth of course with SYD as the mastermind!

Below is the final recommendations from the SAF Youth Forum:

7th SAF Scout Friendship Camp

20-26 November 2009

Gadpuri, India

Youth Forum Recommendations

We, the participants of Youth Forum during the 7th SAF Scout Friendship Camp held from the 20-26 November 2009 National Youth Complex, Gadpuri, India, attended by 151 young people from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka:

A. We define Peace as a state of calm atmosphere where people belonging to different nations enjoy their own and respect the basic human rights of others and live freely according to their law, customs, traditions and religion. We define Solidarity as the integration of society to achieve a common goal.

B. Peace and Solidarity is important for people of South Asia because of the following:

1. For sustainable, socio-economic and cultural development;

2. To share knowledge and technologies;

3. To use our potential positively;

4. To overcome difficulties;

5. To use the resources efficiently;

6. To reduce environmental degradation;

7. To develop and maintain better relationship;

8. To improve cultural exchange among all the countries;

9. To gain trade advantages;

10. To promote health and welfare; and

11. To remove discrimination.

C. To achieve peace and solidarity in South Asia we promise on our Honor to do the following:

1. By organizing more friendship camps;

2. By organizing awareness programs, like workshops, environmental camps to spread the message of peace and solidarity;

3. By organizing youth conferences;

4. By working with NGOs in promoting peace and solidarity;

5. By submitting articles to media our experiences in SAF-Scout Friendship Camp;

6. By passing the message of peace and solidarity through words of mouth;

7. By virtual volunteering starting with joining in scouting4peace.org and scoutface.com;

8. By extending Scouting to children in extremely difficult circumstances;

9. By taking part in the Scouts of the World Award rogram; and

10. A copy of this recommendation should be sent to respective governments and visa offices to solve the visa issue for Scouts

D. We consider SAF Camps as the basic platform for the development and prosperity of peace and solidarity among the youth of South Asia and therefore it should be continued so that there is Peace and Solidarity among young people.

Approved by the young people of the 7th SAF Scout Friendship Camp on 22 November 2009, National Youth Complex, Gadpuri, India.

I got to see a lot of India with the Maldivian Contingent! We did quite some sight seeing !! :)

places visited include the famous Taj Mahal, The Red fort in Delhi and also the Red Fort in Aagara, Akbar's Tomb, famous India gate etc ... Haryana, Delhi and Aagara are some of the most amazing and cool places in India!!!

At India gate!

At the Taj Malal

At Akbar's tomb

At the Red Fort in Delhi

Had an awesome time with all and really enjoyed!!!

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