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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Youth Environment Forum - Suncheon, Korea

Youth Environment Forum
27th Asia Pacific Jamboree & 3rd International Patrol Jamboree
Suncheon, Korea
7th August 2010


The Youth Environment forum was held as a program of the 27th Asia Pacific Jamboree & 3rd International Patrol Jamboree held in Suncheon, Korea. The Youth Environment forum took place on the 7th August 2010. 76 scouts from Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, America, Mongolia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea took part in the forum. The forum was facilitated by the APR Young Adult Members Group (YAMG) and Korea Scout Association (KSA).

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

YAMG Report to the APRSC in February

APR Scout Committee Meeting

27-28 February 2010, Singapore

Chairman’s Report

Young Adult Members Group

I hereby present the report of the Young Adult Members Group, as a whole and our different tasks and involvement in our respective sub-committee.

Communication and networking among us

Our main communication network is through email and Facebook. We have been using different instant messenger softwares, such as the Yahoo Messenger and the MSN Messenger. We also use Skype for voice interacted communication.

Our first online meeting was held on 15 December 2009 via Skype. All members of the YAMG except Mr. Dicky Lam from Hong Kong were present during this meeting.

In the meeting we agreed that, we will meet online every three months. Jessy Ji Eun Seo was elected as our secretary to keep and maintain record of each meeting. We also establish a "protocol/Rules of Procedure" on how to go about our meeting using Skype. We are also working to establish a better online communication network.

We have also established two Facebook accounts. One account is the ‘YAMG closed group’ only YAMG members and APR Office can access this group, and the other one is an open group called ‘APR Young Adult Member Group’ this Facebook group is open for all the participants of the youth forum and other Scouts and Rovers in the region to interact, share and join us in the forum discussions. As of today we have 598 members in the open group account.

Involvement in respective Sub-Committees

· Mohd Hafiz Bin Ariffin attended the APR Management Sub-Committee meeting in Sri Lanka and also attended the APR Disaster Management Workshop. During the

APR Disaster Management Workshop, Hafiz had closely worked with the recommendation committee as a secretary.

The recommendations from Disaster Management Workshop will be used by the resource group to develop the framework of Disaster Management Guidelines. The resource group will be coordinated by Hafiz and led by Mr. Ramakrishnan of Malaysia.

During the meeting, Hafiz had been assign for the Review of the CSE Meet point. He was assigned to coordinate and work together with PPM, led by National Chief Secretary Mr. Zaki Nuruddin to work in “Networking among the Chief Scout Executives”.

· Kritttee "Benz" Tantivisitul attended the first meeting of the APR Programme Sub-Committee in conjunction with the 26th APR Scout Jamboree.

· Ari Wijanarko Adipratomo has closely worked with Financial Resources Sub-Committee chairman and members to develop a questionnaire that will be distributed to the NSO’s. The questionnaire will seek some crucial information regarding financial management at NSO level and the source of fund.

YAMG Members are planning to meet physically in conjunction with and in support for the International Youth Forum of the National Scout Organization of Thailand from 7 – 12 April 2010 in Chiangmai. However, as most members are College students and busy with studies, most members have not confirmed their attendance.


· Ari Wijanarko Adipratomo supported the 2nd ASEAN Scout Association for Regional Co-Operation (ASARC) meeting held in Indonesia on 25 November 2009. ASEAN Scout Association on Regional Co-Operation or ASARC is an Association that strengthens the partnership among NSOs in South East Asian Countries. Ari as YAMG together with Mr Alfian Amura and Rio Ashadi (Ex Officio YAMG) successfully put 3 points in the ASARC Mid Term Recommendation that becoming crucial and important for Young Adult Scouts in S.E. Asian Countries. The first one is (Point 7 of recommendation). Recommends holding COMDECA and Youth Forum during the Next ASARC Conference in Thailand. The Second one is (point 8) Recommends the Presence of the Youth Representatives for Youth Forum and Young Delegates as part of the official NSO delegate in all meetings and Conference of ASARC with at least 2 young representative (one male and one female). The third one is to include young delegates and youth member in the body of ASARC Term of Reference that will be submitted to ASEAN Secretariat.

· Together with Syd Castillo, I took part as facilitators and supported the deliberations of the Youth Forum of the 7th SAF-Scout Friendship Camp which was held from 20 – 26 November 2009 in India. The 7th SAF Scout Friendship Camp took place in the National Youth Complex, Gadpuri, India. Attended by 151 Youth members from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The Theme of the forum was ‘Peace and Solidarity’. The participants expressed, shared and produced their views on this topic. The Forum came up with four Recommendations or resolutions:

1. They defined Peace and Solidarity themselves,

2. They agreed on ten points why peace and solidarity is important for the people of the South Asia,

3. They agreed and Promised to achieve peace and solidarity in South Asia by doing ten things that they approved in the forum, and

4. They considered SAF Friendship Camps as a basic platform for the development and prosperity of peace and solidarity among the youth of South Asia and therefore, they recommended continuing these camps and forums in future as well.

· Kritttee "Benz" Tantivisitul and Jessie Jie Eun Seo was involve as facilitators in the Youth Forum of the 26th APR Scout Jamboree. 83 Scouts from 23 countries met and discussed relevant issues on 2nd January 2010 in Laguna, Philippines for the 2009 Scout Youth Forum in conjunction with the 26th APR Scout Jamboree.

The Forum was headed by APR Programme Sub Committee Chairman Jose Eduardo Delgado who worked closely with Jamboree Organizing Committee member Alfian Amura and Young Adult Members Group (YAMG) Benz and Jessie who served as facilitators. The Forum provided an opportunity for young people to discuss and express their views on issues of interest to them. Through their inputs and recommendations the young people not only receive the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to strengthen their capacity but to be part in decision-making processes towards Scouting in the region.

Tasks Ahead

As all Sub-Committees are to hold their meetings in Bangalore, before the APR Leaders Summit latter this June, it has also been decided among the YAMG members meet in Bangalore.

Also, YAMG members look forward to work with the NSOs in helping coordinate and facilitate Youth Forums and other Youth events.

YAMG members also would like to request the APRSC to provide us more opportunities and exposure to more Youth Events in the region.

We also ask the APRSC to provide us full sponsorship to Regional Scout events such as the APR Jamborees so that YAMG is able to come forward and interact with the Youth of the region who elected us.

On behalf of all the YAMG members I would like to thank the APR office in Manila for the tremendous help they have been giving us and specially Regional Director Mr. Abdulla Rasheed, Syd Castillo and Arjay Francisco Cameros for their close guidance and support.

I personally thank all the YAMG members for their full support and corporation they have been giving me since being appointed as the Chairman of the Group. Thank you.

Maeed Mohamed Zahir


APR Young Adult Members Group 2009-12

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