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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nonsence ...

Many so seasons passed
With not many emotions to express
With not many experiences to learn
With not many expectations to await

Many so days passed
With not many happiness to rejoice
With not many actions to forget
With not many people to share

Many so hours passed
With not many memories to treasure
With not many pleasures to remember
With not many desires to dream

Many so seconds passed
With not many beats to skip
With not many tears to shed
With not many joys to fill

Many so seasons
Many so days
Many so hours
Many so seconds
Shall all but pass ….

Haven't been blogging for months so here is something to post ...

This was  something I wrote on one of those many notepad files on my computer, sometimes when I read them for myself I feel like "boy this is so crappy" ... well either way thought maybe I ll just post it here ... 

Nonsence ... Nonsence it is indeed ...

Cheers :D

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The old man sitting on Majeedhee Magu and the unattended generation.

Last evening as I was walking down Majeedhee Magu with a group of friends, I caught my eyes on this old man sitting on the pavement near 80 no. Fihaara, as we passed by one of my friends gave him some money... the poor man gave a smile that tells a story...

This is not the first time, and probably not the last time I will be seeing this man sitting at that same spot on Majeedhee Magu, hoping for someone to lend him a coin or two for a cup of tea and maybe one or two short eats from a nearby sai-hotta.
Well I am not trying to get your sympathy to this one man on Majeedhee Magu, cause its not only him that is left out and unattended to in the Maldives. For maybe a few seconds try to step out from the bubble we live in and reflect on our situation, ask yourself; How many senior citizens are out there without a warm bed and a decent meal? How many of them even have a place to call home? Where are their families? Whats the concerned Government authorities doing about it? Who is responsible?
I strongly believe, we in the Maldives are not poor. Cannot be! But yes, our people if they are indeed poor, its sadly because of the system we live in. Its either because of careless institutions or irresponsible families. We are not poverty struck and if we really observe the condition in most of the countries around the world, we need to be grateful for our situation. If we are poor, we are poor in our understanding of the concepts of family, and the understanding of social responsibility and societal ethics.

When the government started to give 2000 Rufiya to all those above 65 years of age, it was perhaps a sign of realization of the government responsibility over its senior citizenry. But with ever emerging high inflation and fluctuating economy, is this a solution? On top of this, there are cases where money sent is not properly delivered to the person its intended to. This is sometimes due to family intervention over the money or because someone at the end of that transaction spends that 2000 Ruffiya on something else.

We are at this stage where we need to build old-age shelters and senior citizen retirement homes for the homeless and unattended. With shattered family morals, and tainted societal values, we are at this junction where everyone has a hectic lifestyle and has not much time to spare for the parents who raised them, spending all their lives and effort to make 'people' out of their children.

Modern lifestyle and way of living contradicts the conservative culture of the older generation, which makes living with grandparents, and sometimes mothers and fathers difficult to the modern Maldivian family today.

At one stage we agree that we have issues and problems concerning treatment of the older generation and when governments do not spend much on welfare of the Senior Citizenry its becomes a debate of politics, but how many of us are willing to accept and realise our role and individual responsibility in ensuring the well being and welfare of our own parents?

These are important things we need to talk about and its imperative that we find solutions to these issues. Me, I don't want to be that old man sitting on Majeedhee Magu, say in the next 40-50 years ...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Principles and Ground Rules for Dialogue

I was going through one of those 'unsorted stuff box' I have been having for quite sometime, found this interesting book mark that explains (as it says) "Principles and Ground Rules of Dialogue". Been trying to figure out who gave this to me, not very sure, but I guess I must have picked it up from one of those workshops or training I have attended to.

Its not much, simply put and quite helpful if you really read them down. Its worth a share:

Principles and Ground Rules for Dialogue

  • The purpose of dialogue is to understand and to learn from one another; no one can "win" a dialogue.
  • All dialogue participants speak for themselves, not as a representative of others" interest. 
  • In a dialogue, everyone is treated as an equal; status and stereotypes are left at the door.
  • Be open and listen to others, especially when you disagree. Suspend judgement.
  • Identify and test assumptions - even your own. 
  • Listen carefully and respectfully to the views of other; acknowledge you have heard the other, especially when you disagree. 
  • Look for common ground.
  • Express disagreement with ideas, not the personality or motives; disagree without being disagreeable.
  • Respect all points of view. 
Cheers :) 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Save a Mother - Save a Child , Ambulance Launch -1; can it really save lives?

So last night I was fortunate to get a glimpse of 'Ambulance Launch - 1', the mobile sea ambulance which appears to have been either donated or supported by UNICEF, and seems to belong to the Ministry of health and family.

Ones eye will get caught on to a touching quote inscribed on the launch as you pass by it, says "save a mother, save a child". So true, so meaningful and in a way explains the importance of the mobile Ambulance, then again, have a look at it, ask yourself the question; can 'Ambulance Launch - 1' really save a mother? 

This picture tells a lot about how well the first response services are in the Maldives. It becomes more outrageous when you come to know where this was left at! Not far into the many islands of the Maldives, but at Vilingili (Vilimale'), which is considered administratively as part of Male' City, takes about 7 mins (max) on a ferry from the island of Male'. 

I came to understand from the locals, that it has been on that jetty for so very long and no one actually  has bothered about it. Just by looking at it, I can be sure that it is in no condition for use, at least not until thousands of dollars be spent on repair. 

Its important to reflect on some of these questions, Is it really effective for donor agencies and financial supporters to invest in the Maldives? Is this what they were hoping for? Is this what the people in Maldives expect from their government, which ever it be? Who is responsible? What are the consequences? Who is to be at lose here? How many more Ambulance Launches are out there on how many jetties in how many Islands?

Before we go about calling "Gaumah takaa, Dheenah Takaa" there are much more serious issues we need to attend to. Call for a "one nation", a more responsible one, that is corruption free and one that is more considerate towards its people.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The "Dancing President", social norms, religious view ...

In the last few days I have been finding myself involved in heated debates with a group of Maldivian friends I have come to make here in Mysore. Most of these debates, I can say are very informative and 'Academic'. Many of these (almost every single) debates start with conversations, that give birth to further topics and so on and on it goes. These heated debates may go on for hours and on occasions there might come a time when we have to 'stop for the night' and 'continue in the morning'. I have really come to enjoy these conversations and meetups though. 

So here on this particular day, one day after President Mohamed Nasheed 'danced' in a what I call a Socio-Political gathering in Thoddu Island Maldives, I happen to be in the sitting room of the place we have come to call 'Colony HQ' with four friends. The conversation began with a recap of the surprise party that took place in the afternoon. From which (I have no idea how it began) we started to talk about the 'dancing president' and how this is classified as an act of 'disrespect, immoral and a total havoc to social norms and values' whatsoever in the country.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Are you a Muslim?

“There is no one worthy of worship except Allah (God) and Mohamed is the final Apostle (messenger/prophet) of God.”

One not only has to say these words but should also believe in this testimony of faith to be a Muslim.
Having a Muslim name, living in a Muslim country, having Muslim parents cannot make anyone a Muslim. It is the fundamentals and principles that you follow which can determine whether you are indeed a Muslim or not. You cannot be judged by your words but only and only by your actions.
Apart from the religious obligations, the 5 pillars of Islam, we as Muslims also need to have the Islamic character within ourselves. Quran, the last words God, remains unaltered and the life and living of Mohamed (peace be upon him), which can be learned from his Sunnah are the fundamentals of Islam, therefore it is the belief and practice of every Muslim. The teaching of Islam tells us the important characteristics of a Muslim.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Nostradamus: Armageddon - the last prophecy ...

I have been reading "Nostradamus, the complete prophecies for the future" by Mario Reading where he has given commentary on the different prophecies by Nostradamus. I have to admit the fact that these prophecies did interest me a lot. One of the most interesting prophecy is perhaps his last one "Armageddon". He writes:


Au revolu du grand nombre septiesme,
Apparoistra au tems jeux d'Hecatombe,
Non esloignè de grand d' age milliesme,
Que les entrez sortiront de leur tombe.

When the great number seven completes itself
Games will begin at the Tomb side
Not far from the turn of the Millennium
The dead will rise out of their graves

In his commentary, Mario writes:

Seven in this prophecy is related to seven being a holy number, and equates ,symbolically, with a span of length - the beginning and ending of things. Just as there are seven ages in the life of a man, and seven bodies in alchemy, and seven spirits of God, so there have been seven great eras in the life of the earth. These are now over.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Proposal to establish Maldives National Scout Foundation ...

[This is a proposal that I proposed to the Scout Association of Maldives in July 2010.]

Maldivian National Scout Foundation


In order to carry out different events, activities and programs the Scout Association needs necessary financial support and material capability. However, currently the Association is more a depended organization in Maldives than a self-sufficient organization. The Association has no income source to generate enough financial wealth to facilitate, Organize, conduct or coordinate its activities and events throughout the country. Due to lack of financial capability and lack of material wealth the Association has not been able to fully operate or properly function from its very start. The Association has been a dependent to the annual financial assistance provided by the Ministry of education which until recently the Association had been granted by the government. Being the largest youth movement in Maldives with members in all corners of the country it’s important to secure and maintain financial resources and funds that are deemed necessary for the association to reach to them and to run its programs, events and activities.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My thoughts ... The Education system in Maldives (2) - Deciding future aged 13, is this fair?

Deciding future aged 13, is this fair?

19th November 2002, Day I completed my Primary School at Jamaluddin School, in Male'. I was handed a form to be filled and submitted to my PROMOTED school where I was to complete my O'Levels. It was that same day when I went back home, my Dad tells me "Now you need to decide what STREAM you are going to take in O'levels, either Arts, Business or Science ... and what ever you take choose it wise cause that will be your foundations for what ever you want to be in future"

There I was, a regular normal 13 year boy just as any other in the Maldives, who had to choose his STREAM ... the ticket for his education ... the warranty for his career ... the gateway into his future ... (Hope I made it very dramatic) 

Can a 13 year old decide all this ?? should their PARENTS decide whats best for him?? Are 13year olds 'mature' enough to decide their future?? Can they understand whats best for them at this age?? Will they be aware of the different disciplines of education, and the job scopes?? Is it fair for there parents to choose something for them that they may not like when they grow up??

The education system in Maldives asks students at age of 13 just after they complete their 7th standard to decide a stream for studies at O'levels, which then becomes the foundation stone of their future careers and occupations, is this in anyway fair??

Friday, April 30, 2010

My thoughts ... The Education system in Maldives (1) - Privatization, A road to class differentiation ?

Privatization a road to class differentiation ?

I ended up lucky to have been among the generations in Maldives that went to school with people from all classes, backgrounds and moral standards ... I had the opportunity to go to the same school where the son of the richest man went .... to the school where the daughter of a Ministerial family went ... to the school where the poorest man's son went .... to the school where the ordinary friendly next door neighbor's daughter went ... to the same school where the president sends his children ...

Wonder whether this will be the situation in Maldives in 2030 ???

The government introducing privatization in education system may have benefits, and I must say I fairly do agree to those advantages as any other in the nation. But my thoughts take me to a place where I don't expect most people go into ...

Well, my thinking maybe a bit "radical" or bit too "extreme" as some may put it, but I guess no harm in listening to what a barely 20 year old thinks!

Now there are different levels or standards in PRIVATIZED SCHOOL:

Lets start with the rich guy, now when he takes up a school and runs it, he will bring in quite standard professionals to manage the school, probably from Australia or UK, with the quality service and amazing professional management, comes expensive tuition fees.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Suggestions for a Better Scouting in Maldives

Being a person who have learned a lot of values, skills and knowledge from the Scout Movement there is very little I can give back to the movement. But I want to express some ideas, suggestions and opinion. I just want to bring some of the issues to your attention!

The Scout Association of Maldives (SAM) needs dramatic change!! and these changes need to be FAST!! The Present Constitution and by laws of the Scout association needs to be amended as soon as possible!! I am aware that there had once been a strong enthusiastic work done to bring amendments to the Constitution and By-laws, however:

The present By Laws and Constitution followed by SAM which I believe is the one Adopted on 28th January 1984 and amended 23rd July 1993, 24th September 1994 and May 2001 ( I hope i am correct):
In this: CONSTITUTION OF THE SCOUT ASSOCIATION OF MALDIVES, Article 5 (Powers and Duties), Clause (b) say:

The Association has Power: - To Form Local Branches and Committees in all parts of Maldives, and to Organize courses, workshops, seminars, activities and Publish and sell or distribute papers, books, pamphlets and information for the purpose of stimulating interest in, and promoting the objects of the Association, and to take all other measures which may seem necessary for providing and maintaining an efficient organization for the purpose of the Association.

I think it is high time that the Scout Association Start decentralizing the organization. The Scout Association needs to broaden its activities and strengthen its program, to do so Local Branches need to be set up as soon as possible. Provincial Scout Headquarters with provincial Scout commissioners need to elected/appointed to over see, coordinate and organize Scout activities at a provisional/Local level. This will also attract more scout leaders and ultimately results will include increase in membership growth and attractive program etc... It can only then be an efficient organization.

The By-Laws are also required to be amended in order to exercise a more Democratic procedure in bringing together the National Executive Committee.

currently it states in

BY-LAWS, Article 4 (Chief commissioner) Clause (a) say:

The Chief Commissioner shall be elected by the National Scout Council and Shall be a person holding the wood badge or who has formerly served the National Movement in an Executive post for a medium of Six years. The appointment shall be for a term of three years and may at the end of that term be extended by resolution of the National Scout council for a second term of three years. Such appointment shall not exceed two consecutive terms. The Chief Commissioner shall be accountable to the president and the National Scout Council, and be responsible for the management of the affairs of the Association in accordance with its established policy.
BY-LAWS, Article 29 (Election of National Commisoners) Clause (a) say:

National Commissioners shall be elected by the Council and nominations shall be made by the executive committee. In case of any vacancy or due retirement from office of any National Commissioners, the Executive Committee shall send one nomination for each vacancy for elections to the Council within 21 days after any such vacancy or 45 days prior to any retirement. Such nominations must be sent to the council members in writing through the secretary and should state the name of office for which nominations are made and include the resume and and written consent of the nominee. The president shall then convene a meeting of the council within 15 days but 7 days after advising the nominations to all members, to hold elections.

I believe the election of the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE should be held in the Annual General meeting where representatives/delegates from each and every registered scout group in Maldives should vote!! This a more democratic procedure. The current By-laws does not allow this. Therefore amending this is needed as soon as possible.

Involving Young Adults in decision making level is one of the priorities and resolutions passed in the World Scout Conference, it is important that there be a Youth representative/Young Adult member in all levels of decision making process in Scouting. Therefore there should also be amendments made to include Young Adults (18-26) in both the National Scout council and the National Executive Committee of the Association.

There are 5 Youth Advisers elected by the World Youth Forum to represent the Youth at world level. And there are 7 Young Adult Members elected from the APR Youth forum to represent the APR Youth at regional Level. this is also a best practice in many other NSO's as well!!


I believe there should be more powers vested on to the Annual General Meeting since this is the body where SCOUTING IN MALDIVES is actually represented! More powers should be vested upon it!!

Under BY-LAWS Article 15 (Annual General Meeting Of the Council) Clause (e) (the Business of the Annual General Meeting of the Scout Council Shall be:-) this has six sub Clauses.
Theis gives very limited job to the Annual general meeting.

If we look at the structure of the WOSM it clearly shows us that the decision making body is the World Scout Conference! Same goes in APR the APR regional Scout Conference is the top in Hierarchy. This is also the best practice of governing in most of the NSO's and it is a successful structure.

This should not only be applied for the National Executive Committee but also to the National Scout Council itself.

however first its necessary to draw up a guideline and rules of procedure for the AGM. (There should also be Local/provincial annual general meetings as well)


One major issue faced with the Association today is lack of resources, personnel and facility to run Scouting. We need to establish a more attractive program including the Youth section as well. There are not many Rovers in the country because of this. And a lot of leaders are leaving the movement.

Sub-committees need to function under each Commissioner!! this will provide more opportunity to both leaders and rovers to get involved in SAM. this is already on the By-Laws but I think the only effective sub-committee is the training team.

I also believe that the reason why some commissioners are INEFFECTIVE is due to this!! This can be achieved I believe as I have mentioned above by DECENTRALIZING SAM.


Rover scouts are among leaders, Rover Scouts are especially the young adult leaders aged between 18 and 24. They contribute themselves in units or troops by supporting unit leaders. On the other hands, they can organize their own Rover Scout Unit/Crew by themselves and do several challenging Rover Scout projects/program.

A National Rover Scout Committee/Council should be established in the SAM.
And it should consist of Young Adults as the decision making of young people is very important. The objective of this committee would be to set up and operate Rover Scout projects in the country. The committee can also be established both in national and local/provisional level. It becomes the bridge to recruit future leaders. This is a followed in many NSO's as well. This will increase the number of Rovers and prepare a more responsible generation of youth members to lead the Association in future.

There had also been a recommendation passed from the earlier Youth forum in Japan which recommended NSO's to organize National Youth Forums in the countries. Members to the National Rover Scout Committee/Council can be elected at the National Youth forum.


SAM should open up a National Scout fund so that it would help finance more scout activities in the country on national, provisional and individual group level. I am sure there are going to be a lot of people more than willing to contribute to a Scout fund if it is opened. Proper auditing and financial reports could be made. This is also successfully practiced in many NSO's.

Well these are not the only suggestions or things we need to look into, the list goes on. My point here is, Scouting in Maldives need HOPE!!! we need things to get better!!

I am just an admirer of the Scout Movement, All i want is to see Maldivian Scouting Bright and shinning as it once was.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Maldivian Scout Leaders!!!

In the past few years the Scout Movement in Maldives has grown in number. It has a become one of the most famous co-curricular activity in the schools. Parents support this activity. Scouting famous for its methods of teaching young children Life-skills, building Character in them and developing citizenship in them is indeed a very success full and fruitful activity every parent want their kids in. Some people have done a lot to bring up this movement to what it is today!

Scouting in Maldives has come so far. It has broaden so well, it has spread out across the Maldives. Scout activities have increased so has its popularity.

However, we have problems, we have issues that need to be dealt and dealt fast. We need to change things. Need to revise stuff. !!! I have no intention of going into all that details here.

Maldives will mark its 53rd anniversary next year. Well for one thing that period is a long time in one humans life!!

Lets take a ride down the memory lane!!!

  • First Maldivian to achive the Wood Badge was Ahmed Imad Mohamed. 16.07.1990, awarded by His Excellency Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom at a Ceremony held at National Youth Council premises.
  • Maldives became a member of the World Scout Movement on 23rd July 1990.For this historical ceremony Maldives Was represented by Scouter Ahmed Imad Mohamed(Assistant Chief Commissioner for Service Scouts).
  • In 1995 Longest Served Chief Commissioner the Late Hon. Ahmed Shathir was awarded the Silver Tuna - The Highest Scouter Rank in Maldives. Scouter Ahmed Shiran Was Awarded the Silver Crescent for Bravery. Assistant Chief Commissioner for Training and Programme Scouter Ahmed Imad Mohamed was awarded a Meritorious Award the Bronze Coconut.

Now why did I BOLD this name? Who is he?

Well for one thing he is still alive!!

Mr. Ahmed Imad Mohamed has been one of the FOUNDING FATHERS of the the Maldivian Scout Movement.

How many Scout Leaders Know him?

How many have heard of him?

How many have actually met him?

All questions !!!

Scouting is a voluntary service. The only reward for a Volunteer would be appreciation and recognition!!!

Imad Sir is one of the most Oldest and Most experienced Scouters in the country. Its high time we being responsible Scouters appreciate this fact. Its high time for us to listen to him. Ask him for advise and opinion. Hear what he has to say.

We have issues and problems as I mentioned earlier we have a lot of that!! I recommend we ask him seek help from him!!

My point here is to all Scouters of Maldives learn to lead with a bit of guidance and get that guidance from people like him while they are still around!!!!

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