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Friday, July 13, 2012

Maldivians and their Constitution – a story from History

Historian T. W. Hockly writes about the historical events that took place on 2nd October 1934, the necessitated dethronement of the Sultan by the people of Maldives in accordance with Article 51 of the Maldivian Constitution.

It appears that the Minister of Home Affairs, Muhammad Farid Didi Effendi, who is also the Prime Minister of the Maldive Islands, was informed that certain persons were convening secret meetings which has as their object the destruction of the New Constitution inaugurated in December 1934.

Warrants were issued for the arrest of four persons in this respect. It was learned from the arrested persons that there were others involved in the plot to destroy the Constitution. It was further alleged that among these others were four servants of Prince Hassan Izzudin, the son of the Sultan. Apparently the Prince had interested himself on behalf of certain individuals who had previously been deported.

When officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs attempted to arrest the four servants of the Prince the later refused to allow their arrest. He is said to have come out with his father, the Sultan, and to have informed the officials and the people gathered together that if the servants were arrested they would have also to arrest the Sultan and himself. It is stated that the Prince then cried out asking whether they wanted the Constitution or his father and himself. The People replied that they wanted the Constitution.
Steps were taken to effect the dethronement of the Sultan.

The ‘Revolution’ was of an entirely bloodless character, I understand, and was not followed by any disorder.”

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Yes we need an Election!!!

Victory for the People - Flickr Photo: enwiie
"Kratos Demos - Power to the People " ... Simple and unambiguous. 

Joseph A. Schumpeter, the famous Austrian-Hungarian-American economist and political scientist, describes in short the Classical Doctrine of Democracy in his book Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy as:
"The Democratic method is that institutional arrangement for arriving at political decisions which realizes the common good by making the people itself decide issues through the election of individuals who are assembled in order to carry out its will."
Democracy is in theory simple and justifiable, let the people choose and let the people decide. 

In the Maldives we are very new to this concept. In fact we can come to a conclusion to say that we are an infant nation when it comes to democracy, social, civil and human rights; pillars necessary for a people State. 

We came up with  a new constitution to support a democratic nation. We got rid of a long serving President, who dictated a nation for 30 long years. We, for the first time had the freedom to establish and participate in Political Parties. We struggled and we achieved the right of Freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful Assembly. We held the very first Multi-Party Elections in the country. Yes we did that all.

Unlike other countries, who struggled for generations and shed blood for their cause we were lucky to embrace democracy the easy way and yes it was a miracle. But with the new freedoms and gift of democracy did we have the necessary felicitous institutions, organizations and people ?? Have we made the right choices?? Is the Nation progressing or heading further back down in the drain??

As of now we are still struggling. Struggling to get back on our feet as a nation. And what we seriously need now is an overhaul in the system. Especially the Judiciary!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Coup d'état in the Maldives ??

President Nasheed writes his resignation letter

Maldives observed a change of government on 7th February 2012. Continuous protests brought  Nasheed's Presidency to a brink, and the 7th February Mutiny became the end for the first democratically elected President of the country. With Mohamed Nasheed's resignation, Vice President Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Maniku, took oath of office as the President. Of course as per the Constitution

The following day Maldives woke up to hear allegations and conspiracy of a Coup d'état. "By all definitions it was a Coup" Nasheed spoke out. 

By definition, a Coup d'état is a strike against the State. It is a sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force. Question is: 'was this the indubitable setting in Maldives on that February Tuesday'? 

The Events - End of a Presidency

Events that led to his resignation was bloody to some extent. After the continuous series of protests against the 'enforced disappearance' of Criminal court Judge Abdulla Mohamed, by Anti-Government protesters, factions of the Maldives Police Service mutinied over what they called 'being given unlawful orders' and demanded Commissioner of Police Ahemd Faseeh to meet them and assure them that they will not be given unlawful orders anymore. 

Article 64 of the Constitution: Non-compliance with unlawful orders state that "No employee of the State shall impose any orders on a person except under authority of a law. Everyone has the right not to obey an unlawful order". The mutinying Police were requesting that this Article be honored.

At this point Police did not call for the President's resignation, very clearly their only demand was an assurance by their Commissioner. This never happened. Instead what we witnessed in the Maldives were confrontations with Pro-Government supporters and mutinying police, followed by clashes with the Maldivian National Defense Force (MNDF) who were trying to take control of the situation.

As morning broke, President Nasheed came to the scene, must say a brave attempt, faced the mutinying Police and tried to address them, he was responded by "Sir, No Sir". With that failed attempt he was moved into the Maldivian National Defense Headquarters (adjacent to the Republic square)

Frankly, it is unsure when and how the demands to meet the Commissioner of Police changed to the call for Nasheed's resignation.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Maniku, a legitimate President?

Dr. Waheed takes oath of office as President
The third President of the second Republic of the Maldives, Mr. Mohamed Nasheed was forced to step down, after what appeared to be a historic Mutiny of the Maldivian Police Service. Nasheed resigned in his office, in front of media and on television, people of the island nation witnessed Nasheed as he humbly said those words,

 "I resign because I am not a person who wished to rule with the use of power ... I believe that if the government were to remain in power it would require the use of force which would harm many citizens"

Second in command that day in Maldives was Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Maniku. 

Elected Vice President

2008 was perhaps the most important year in modern Maldivian history. The first ever Multi Party democratic elections were held in the country, after a 30 year long autocratic rule by then President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. A nation stood divided, Pro-Gayoom supporter on one side and Anti-Gayoom elements on the other. 

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), the first registered political Party in the country, the beginning of the modern democratic movement in the country, nominated Nasheed after a party primary.

Dr. Waheed was then (and still remains) leader of the minority political faction, Gaumee Ittihaad, that emerged out of MDP. He himself  also had declared his intentions to run for the Presidency. 

Nasheed making the friendly gesture to his old colleague, invited Dr. Waheed as a running mate. After the first rounds of election, it was a battle between Gayoom and Nasheed. Naturally all political organisation other than that of Gayoom's Dhivehi Rayithunge Party (DRP) and his younger brother Yameen's Peoples Alliance, joined hand in hand and allied behind Nasheed.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The 07th February Mutiny - End of Mohamed Nasheed Presidency

The Third President of the Second Republic of Maldives, Mr. Mohamed Nasheed (G.Kenereege) has been forced to step down, after what appeared to be a historic 07th February Mutiny by the Security Services and Civil disobedience. 

Once again I call all authorities, forces, services and all people in general, do not harm President Nasheed in any way. He is an elected President of the Republic of Maldives. Uphold the dignity.

Remember that there is an elected Vice President in the Country. Hand over him the responsibilities of the President as soon as possible. Give way to a smooth change. He should take up the oath of office immediately.

We shifted from a Dictatorship to a democracy in 2008 and we showed an example to the world then. I call the Security forces to show that example again. 

Breaking News: Presidency at its brink - Mohamed Nasheed

Reports confirm the Maldivian Defense Force has indeed surrendered to the Maldivian Police Services and the Anti-Government Protesters. President Nasheed is inside Bandaara Koshi the MNDF Headquarters. 

However, unconfirmed reports say that MNDF Soldiers inside the HQ may involve in more confrontations, however, it is believed that most of the Soldiers have joined the Police. 

After what appeared to be bloody confrontations between the Pro-Government protesters and Maldivian Police Service who joined the Anti-Government protests earlier last night, refusing to obey unlawful orders issued to them by superiors, President Nasheed did try to get the situation under control as he addressed the Police. He was responded by "Sir, No Sir". And after being called to resign by the Police Service, Nasheed with MNDF security, entered Bandaara Koshi, the MNDF HQ. 

Maldives witnessed weeks long Anti-Government protests in the capital over the "enforced disappearance" of Judge Abdullah Mohamed by the MNDF on orders of Nasheed. Also since December 23rd, opposition protests have been ongoing over the Governments vague Islamic Policies, and over GMR International Airport. 

While both major hospitals in the capital are on alert and HIGH EMERGENCY, and it has been reported that victims of the confrontation are indeed brought it. No reported deaths. 

This may indeed be the end of the Third President of the Second Republic, Maldives. 


If Nasheed is no longer in power, by Law the Vice President of the County Dr. Waheed should take over. 

Find updates on my twitter : https://twitter.com/#!/maeed

Friday, January 27, 2012

Lost customs of Maldivians. (Part One)

Ibn Batuta 
As like in any society, people in the Maldives have their own social customs, traditions and cultures, however, in time some of these customs got lost, perhaps in the hurdle of modernity. With the tourism boost in the 70's, came the influence of the western society. Some positive and some negative. 

I would like to talk about some of the old Maldivian cultures, that we do not follow anymore, forgotten or those that we may have known very little about. Of course these are very interesting traditions our forefathers practiced. 

I ll begin with Tangier traveler and Maldivian Chief Justice Abu-Abdullah Mohammed, the famous Ibn Batuta (1304-78). He writes:

"'The inhabitants of the Maldives Islands are honest and pious people, sincere in good faith and of a strong will; they eat only what is lawful, and their prayers are granted. When one of them meets another, he says God is my lord: Muhammad is my prophet: I am a poor ignorant being."

Monday, December 26, 2011

Indian Ocean Tsunami: Seven Years, Yet memories fresh ...

A tribute to the victims of Indian Ocean Tsunami 
26th December 2004

Seven years ago it happened, 26th of December never it be forgotten, Seas rose and waves crashed, on the People of the Sea.

Fifty-seven Islands, infrastructure damaged. Fourteen Islands, totally evacuated. Twenty one resorts, forced to close.

$400 Million, estimated damage and loss. Hundred and Eight people, reported dead.

The tsunami that came, left with the pain. Memories fresh, dwell in our hearts.   

*the statistics are Maldivian 

YusufIslam - CatSteven 
Indian Ocean
(Indian Ocean is a song recorded by Yusuf Islam formerly Cat Stevens in aid of the countless children orphaned in tsunami-hit Indonesia.)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Uphold the Constitution and Remain a Sovereign Islamic Nation !!

Constitution of the Republic of Maldives.
(Famous capture of the cover, not sure of the photographer)
With laws made to safeguard Islam as a religion in Maldives how can one even think that the country will loose Islam as it's foundation and its faith? Who ever thinks otherwise is either unaware of the Constitutional authority Islam has in the country or is unable to digest the reality that Maldivians go way deep into roots of Islam. There should be NO fear among Maldivians to believe or even think of a day when Islam can be wiped off the surface of Maldives. 

We are Maldivians, we have remained an Islamic state for over 800 years or so. We are a country that fosters the Islamic way of life, morals and values. We are apparently the only 100% people democracy in the world that has a 100% Muslim population. We should not only be proud of it but should also protect this legacy by not allowing our country turn into a extremist hub. We should not allow our country to fall into the hands of religious extremists and turn into another Taliban Afghanistan. We are a moderate people with a beautiful history and culture, we are a people of peace and harmony. We should all keep this in mind and make sure we do not take that wrong turn in these changing tides. 

I for one strongly oppose the small protest by some 30 Maldives demanding Religious Freedom in the Country. Not because it was only unacceptable but it is also illegal under the Constitution. One is entitled to Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Expression under the Maldivian Charter of Rights and Freedom, everyone should abide the charter, and follow the right  to exercise freedom given to one by the charter, one should not do so by going against Article 27 of the Constitution. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ali Rasgefaanu Ziyaaraiy - Panoramic view

Ali Rasgefaanu Ziyaaraiy - Panoramic view

Photography by Maeed

Friday, August 20, 2010

Maldivian Boy Scouts Stamp sets dated 1967

Among my many interests one is History. I keep collecting old writings, photos and information to do with history of Maldives, recently I came across this picture which I got from my good friend Muanz.

This is a picture of two sets of stamps of Maldivian boy scouts. If closely observed to the bottom of the stamp sets it shows a faded image of the Maldivian national emblem. (Click the picture to get an larger view.) It has a written text reading "International Boy Scouts Jamboree, Farragut Park, Idaho, USA from August 1-9, 1967".

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Maldivian folklore; "Hassan the dirty" and his 70 slaves ...

This is a story I have been hearing for a very long time and has interested me for quite sometime, Its the story in Maldivian folklore about Sultan Hassan Haji who ruled in Maldives in 1442-68 (Gregorian), who was also known as Hassan the dirty and also as Hadi Hassan.

The text bellow is taken from the English translation of The story of Bodu Takurufan; As told by the famous Buraara Mohamed Fulhu and written by Al-hajj Ibrahim Ibn Ismail Feeboa, found in http://www.maldivesculture.com/

[... he (Sultan Hassan Haji) performed the Haj rituals and then paid for the blessings of further seventy Haj pilgrimages. With the money left over, he bought seventy slaves and returned with them to Maldives.

King Hassan Haji arrived back in Male' and immediately dismissed seventy male servants from the palace, replacing them with his new slaves. He had to find a place for these new people to live, so he built a house for them on a large piece of land between Veyodhoshu palace and the mosque to the west of the three mosques built by Dharumavantha Maharadun. When the house was completed the slaves moved in.

Saturday, July 11, 2009



Monday, July 6, 2009



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