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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Journey of Mohamed – Seal of Islam [PART ONE]: The Pagan Arabia – Pre-Islamic Arabia


There is much that we can learn from the life and teaching of Mohamed [Peace be upon him]. Prophet Mohamed is definitely the most influenced personality to have lived on the face of our planet. It is important to understand and learn as much as possible of the last messenger sent on to mankind, it is also a religious obligation for all of us Muslims to follow his way of life and practice his teaching on an everyday basis. A Muslim’s fundamentals and principles are based on the Quran – the holy book of God and the Sunnah – the life and teachings of prophet Mohamed.

I am neither a Sheikh nor a religious scholar, but I am an admirer of Prophet Mohamed. I hope to write a series of short articles that come out in parts, which covers The Journey of Mohamed – life of the last prophet. I will compile and write these articles from different credited sources (approved scholars), to give a fairly shorter narration that covers important events and information that can help readers to understand the story of the Prophet.
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