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Friday, January 27, 2012

Lost customs of Maldivians. (Part One)

Ibn Batuta 
As like in any society, people in the Maldives have their own social customs, traditions and cultures, however, in time some of these customs got lost, perhaps in the hurdle of modernity. With the tourism boost in the 70's, came the influence of the western society. Some positive and some negative. 

I would like to talk about some of the old Maldivian cultures, that we do not follow anymore, forgotten or those that we may have known very little about. Of course these are very interesting traditions our forefathers practiced. 

I ll begin with Tangier traveler and Maldivian Chief Justice Abu-Abdullah Mohammed, the famous Ibn Batuta (1304-78). He writes:

"'The inhabitants of the Maldives Islands are honest and pious people, sincere in good faith and of a strong will; they eat only what is lawful, and their prayers are granted. When one of them meets another, he says God is my lord: Muhammad is my prophet: I am a poor ignorant being."

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Uphold the Constitution and Remain a Sovereign Islamic Nation !!

Constitution of the Republic of Maldives.
(Famous capture of the cover, not sure of the photographer)
With laws made to safeguard Islam as a religion in Maldives how can one even think that the country will loose Islam as it's foundation and its faith? Who ever thinks otherwise is either unaware of the Constitutional authority Islam has in the country or is unable to digest the reality that Maldivians go way deep into roots of Islam. There should be NO fear among Maldivians to believe or even think of a day when Islam can be wiped off the surface of Maldives. 

We are Maldivians, we have remained an Islamic state for over 800 years or so. We are a country that fosters the Islamic way of life, morals and values. We are apparently the only 100% people democracy in the world that has a 100% Muslim population. We should not only be proud of it but should also protect this legacy by not allowing our country turn into a extremist hub. We should not allow our country to fall into the hands of religious extremists and turn into another Taliban Afghanistan. We are a moderate people with a beautiful history and culture, we are a people of peace and harmony. We should all keep this in mind and make sure we do not take that wrong turn in these changing tides. 

I for one strongly oppose the small protest by some 30 Maldives demanding Religious Freedom in the Country. Not because it was only unacceptable but it is also illegal under the Constitution. One is entitled to Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Expression under the Maldivian Charter of Rights and Freedom, everyone should abide the charter, and follow the right  to exercise freedom given to one by the charter, one should not do so by going against Article 27 of the Constitution. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

The "Dancing President", social norms, religious view ...

In the last few days I have been finding myself involved in heated debates with a group of Maldivian friends I have come to make here in Mysore. Most of these debates, I can say are very informative and 'Academic'. Many of these (almost every single) debates start with conversations, that give birth to further topics and so on and on it goes. These heated debates may go on for hours and on occasions there might come a time when we have to 'stop for the night' and 'continue in the morning'. I have really come to enjoy these conversations and meetups though. 

So here on this particular day, one day after President Mohamed Nasheed 'danced' in a what I call a Socio-Political gathering in Thoddu Island Maldives, I happen to be in the sitting room of the place we have come to call 'Colony HQ' with four friends. The conversation began with a recap of the surprise party that took place in the afternoon. From which (I have no idea how it began) we started to talk about the 'dancing president' and how this is classified as an act of 'disrespect, immoral and a total havoc to social norms and values' whatsoever in the country.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Journey of Mohamed – Seal of Islam [PART ONE]: The Pagan Arabia – Pre-Islamic Arabia


There is much that we can learn from the life and teaching of Mohamed [Peace be upon him]. Prophet Mohamed is definitely the most influenced personality to have lived on the face of our planet. It is important to understand and learn as much as possible of the last messenger sent on to mankind, it is also a religious obligation for all of us Muslims to follow his way of life and practice his teaching on an everyday basis. A Muslim’s fundamentals and principles are based on the Quran – the holy book of God and the Sunnah – the life and teachings of prophet Mohamed.

I am neither a Sheikh nor a religious scholar, but I am an admirer of Prophet Mohamed. I hope to write a series of short articles that come out in parts, which covers The Journey of Mohamed – life of the last prophet. I will compile and write these articles from different credited sources (approved scholars), to give a fairly shorter narration that covers important events and information that can help readers to understand the story of the Prophet.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Are you a Muslim?

“There is no one worthy of worship except Allah (God) and Mohamed is the final Apostle (messenger/prophet) of God.”

One not only has to say these words but should also believe in this testimony of faith to be a Muslim.
Having a Muslim name, living in a Muslim country, having Muslim parents cannot make anyone a Muslim. It is the fundamentals and principles that you follow which can determine whether you are indeed a Muslim or not. You cannot be judged by your words but only and only by your actions.
Apart from the religious obligations, the 5 pillars of Islam, we as Muslims also need to have the Islamic character within ourselves. Quran, the last words God, remains unaltered and the life and living of Mohamed (peace be upon him), which can be learned from his Sunnah are the fundamentals of Islam, therefore it is the belief and practice of every Muslim. The teaching of Islam tells us the important characteristics of a Muslim.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Nostradamus: Armageddon - the last prophecy ...

I have been reading "Nostradamus, the complete prophecies for the future" by Mario Reading where he has given commentary on the different prophecies by Nostradamus. I have to admit the fact that these prophecies did interest me a lot. One of the most interesting prophecy is perhaps his last one "Armageddon". He writes:


Au revolu du grand nombre septiesme,
Apparoistra au tems jeux d'Hecatombe,
Non esloignè de grand d' age milliesme,
Que les entrez sortiront de leur tombe.

When the great number seven completes itself
Games will begin at the Tomb side
Not far from the turn of the Millennium
The dead will rise out of their graves

In his commentary, Mario writes:

Seven in this prophecy is related to seven being a holy number, and equates ,symbolically, with a span of length - the beginning and ending of things. Just as there are seven ages in the life of a man, and seven bodies in alchemy, and seven spirits of God, so there have been seven great eras in the life of the earth. These are now over.

Monday, May 31, 2010

The ideal Muslim and his Community ...

Dr. Muhammad Ali Al-Hashimi offers more than 60 practical tips

An ideal Muslim:
  1. He is truthful
  2. He does not cheat, deceive or stab in the back
  3. He is not envious
  4. He is sincere
  5. He keeps his promises
  6. He has a good attitude towards others and treats them well
  7. He is characterized by shyness
  8. He is gentle towards people
  9. He is compassionate and merciful
  10. He is tolerant and forgiving
  11. He is easy-going in his business dealings
  12. He is of cheerful countenance
  13. He has a sense of humour
  14. He is patient
  15. He avoids cursing and foul language
  16. He does not falsely accuse anyone of disbelief
  17. He is modest and discreet
  18. He dos not interfere in that which does not concern him
  19. He refrains from backbiting and slander
  20. He avoids giving false statements
  21. He avoids suspicion
  22. He keeps secrets
  23. He does not converse privately with another person when there is a third person present
  24. He is not arrogant or proud
  25. He is humble and modest
  26. He does not make fun of anyone
  27. He respects elders and distinguished people
  28. He mixes with people of noble character
  29. He strives for people’s benefits and seeks to protect hem from harm
  30. He strives to reconcile between Muslims
  31. He calls people to truth
  32. He enjoins what is good and forbids what is evil
  33. He is wise and eloquent in his da`wah [invitation to Islam]
  34. He is not a hypocrite
  35. He does not show off or boast
  36. He is straightforward and consistent in his adherence to the truth
  37. He visits the sick
  38. He attends funerals
  39. He repays favours and is grateful for them
  40. He mixes with people and puts up with their insults
  41. He tries to make people happy
  42. He guides others to righteous deeds
  43. He is easy on people, not hard
  44. He is fair in his judgment of people
  45. He does not oppress or mistreat others
  46. He loves noble things and always aims high
  47. His speech is not exaggerated or affected
  48. He does not rejoice in the misfortunes of others
  49. He is generous
  50. He does not remind the beneficiaries of his charity
  51. He is hospitable
  52. He prefers others to himself
  53. He helps to alleviate the burden of the debtor
  54. He is proud and does not beg
  55. He is friendly and likeable
  56. He checks his customs and habits against Islamic standards
  57. He follows Islamic manners in the way he eats and drinks
  58. He spreads the greeting of salam
  59. He does not enter a house other than his own without permission
  60. He sits wherever he finds room in a gathering
  61. He avoids yawning in a gathering as much as he can
  62. He follows the Islamic etiquette when he sneezes
  63. He does not look into other people’s houses
  64. He does not imitate women.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Islam and Dhivehi; made optional subjects" - Ministry of Education, Maldives

Back when I was a student in the Center for Higher Secondary Education (CHSE), Islam and Dhivehi were compulsory subjects ... both the subjects were taught twice a week unlike the other subjects which had at least four class per week ... some subjects were there everyday ... I still remember one topic that was taught in Islam in 12th standard "Nidhumuge Aadha thah" Sleeping manners ... I still can't believe that I had to study it in the 12th grade ... LOL ...

Tonight people had gathered around Education Minister Musthafa Luthufee's residence, calling him to reconsider the decision of the Ministry on making Islam and Dhivehi optional subjects for Higher secondary Schools. Both the subjects were formally compulsory for Higher Secondary Schools.

Well ... As a Maldivian and as someone who cares about the education system in Maldives, I think this is a mistake that the Education ministry is doing. Maldives being a 100% Muslim country (as per my knowledge so far) I really think that Islamic Studies should be a must for all students till they complete their High School or Higher Secondary Schooling.
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