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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Education system ... a proposed solution ...

This was a comment made Anonymously to my post on the Education System;
"My thoughts ... The education System in Maldives (2) Deciding future aged 13, is this fair?"
I support the comment that was made.

Anonymous said...

We really need to change the system and allow every child to study at least 10 subjects up to 9th grade. Some of the international schools in Malaysia make it compulsory for students to learn English , Maths and the three sciences - chemistry, physics, biology. But children should choose at least two subjects from the Arts stream and Business stream.

In addition children are encouraged to choose one from IT, Creative Arts, drama or music. If there’s a strong interest in English Literature that opportunity is provided as an optional 11th subject. If it is a Muslim student and who wish to do IGCSE Islam the opportunity is given to do the exam in 9th grade before the exams after completing 10th grade.

I believe it's a method we can have in the Maldives and it would broaden up our children's minds and an opportunity to learn and understand what they like most and to realise their strengths and weaknesses. In the 10th grade they can drop their weakest subjects or the one’s they don’t have much interest and focus on their stronger and most interested subjects and complete their IGCSE or O’levels.

To have such a system we need to change the way we think. The parents cannot be making excuses and saying it would be too hard and harsh on their children to do so many subjects. It's about setting priorities, willing to work hard and be balancing it all. The policy makers need to rethink and restructure our education system to make it possible.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Islam and Dhivehi; made optional subjects" - Ministry of Education, Maldives

Back when I was a student in the Center for Higher Secondary Education (CHSE), Islam and Dhivehi were compulsory subjects ... both the subjects were taught twice a week unlike the other subjects which had at least four class per week ... some subjects were there everyday ... I still remember one topic that was taught in Islam in 12th standard "Nidhumuge Aadha thah" Sleeping manners ... I still can't believe that I had to study it in the 12th grade ... LOL ...

Tonight people had gathered around Education Minister Musthafa Luthufee's residence, calling him to reconsider the decision of the Ministry on making Islam and Dhivehi optional subjects for Higher secondary Schools. Both the subjects were formally compulsory for Higher Secondary Schools.

Well ... As a Maldivian and as someone who cares about the education system in Maldives, I think this is a mistake that the Education ministry is doing. Maldives being a 100% Muslim country (as per my knowledge so far) I really think that Islamic Studies should be a must for all students till they complete their High School or Higher Secondary Schooling.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My thoughts ... The Education system in Maldives (2) - Deciding future aged 13, is this fair?

Deciding future aged 13, is this fair?

19th November 2002, Day I completed my Primary School at Jamaluddin School, in Male'. I was handed a form to be filled and submitted to my PROMOTED school where I was to complete my O'Levels. It was that same day when I went back home, my Dad tells me "Now you need to decide what STREAM you are going to take in O'levels, either Arts, Business or Science ... and what ever you take choose it wise cause that will be your foundations for what ever you want to be in future"

There I was, a regular normal 13 year boy just as any other in the Maldives, who had to choose his STREAM ... the ticket for his education ... the warranty for his career ... the gateway into his future ... (Hope I made it very dramatic) 

Can a 13 year old decide all this ?? should their PARENTS decide whats best for him?? Are 13year olds 'mature' enough to decide their future?? Can they understand whats best for them at this age?? Will they be aware of the different disciplines of education, and the job scopes?? Is it fair for there parents to choose something for them that they may not like when they grow up??

The education system in Maldives asks students at age of 13 just after they complete their 7th standard to decide a stream for studies at O'levels, which then becomes the foundation stone of their future careers and occupations, is this in anyway fair??

Friday, April 30, 2010

My thoughts ... The Education system in Maldives (1) - Privatization, A road to class differentiation ?

Privatization a road to class differentiation ?

I ended up lucky to have been among the generations in Maldives that went to school with people from all classes, backgrounds and moral standards ... I had the opportunity to go to the same school where the son of the richest man went .... to the school where the daughter of a Ministerial family went ... to the school where the poorest man's son went .... to the school where the ordinary friendly next door neighbor's daughter went ... to the same school where the president sends his children ...

Wonder whether this will be the situation in Maldives in 2030 ???

The government introducing privatization in education system may have benefits, and I must say I fairly do agree to those advantages as any other in the nation. But my thoughts take me to a place where I don't expect most people go into ...

Well, my thinking maybe a bit "radical" or bit too "extreme" as some may put it, but I guess no harm in listening to what a barely 20 year old thinks!

Now there are different levels or standards in PRIVATIZED SCHOOL:

Lets start with the rich guy, now when he takes up a school and runs it, he will bring in quite standard professionals to manage the school, probably from Australia or UK, with the quality service and amazing professional management, comes expensive tuition fees.
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