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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Yes we need an Election!!!

Victory for the People - Flickr Photo: enwiie
"Kratos Demos - Power to the People " ... Simple and unambiguous. 

Joseph A. Schumpeter, the famous Austrian-Hungarian-American economist and political scientist, describes in short the Classical Doctrine of Democracy in his book Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy as:
"The Democratic method is that institutional arrangement for arriving at political decisions which realizes the common good by making the people itself decide issues through the election of individuals who are assembled in order to carry out its will."
Democracy is in theory simple and justifiable, let the people choose and let the people decide. 

In the Maldives we are very new to this concept. In fact we can come to a conclusion to say that we are an infant nation when it comes to democracy, social, civil and human rights; pillars necessary for a people State. 

We came up with  a new constitution to support a democratic nation. We got rid of a long serving President, who dictated a nation for 30 long years. We, for the first time had the freedom to establish and participate in Political Parties. We struggled and we achieved the right of Freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful Assembly. We held the very first Multi-Party Elections in the country. Yes we did that all.

Unlike other countries, who struggled for generations and shed blood for their cause we were lucky to embrace democracy the easy way and yes it was a miracle. But with the new freedoms and gift of democracy did we have the necessary felicitous institutions, organizations and people ?? Have we made the right choices?? Is the Nation progressing or heading further back down in the drain??

As of now we are still struggling. Struggling to get back on our feet as a nation. And what we seriously need now is an overhaul in the system. Especially the Judiciary!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Uphold the Constitution and Remain a Sovereign Islamic Nation !!

Constitution of the Republic of Maldives.
(Famous capture of the cover, not sure of the photographer)
With laws made to safeguard Islam as a religion in Maldives how can one even think that the country will loose Islam as it's foundation and its faith? Who ever thinks otherwise is either unaware of the Constitutional authority Islam has in the country or is unable to digest the reality that Maldivians go way deep into roots of Islam. There should be NO fear among Maldivians to believe or even think of a day when Islam can be wiped off the surface of Maldives. 

We are Maldivians, we have remained an Islamic state for over 800 years or so. We are a country that fosters the Islamic way of life, morals and values. We are apparently the only 100% people democracy in the world that has a 100% Muslim population. We should not only be proud of it but should also protect this legacy by not allowing our country turn into a extremist hub. We should not allow our country to fall into the hands of religious extremists and turn into another Taliban Afghanistan. We are a moderate people with a beautiful history and culture, we are a people of peace and harmony. We should all keep this in mind and make sure we do not take that wrong turn in these changing tides. 

I for one strongly oppose the small protest by some 30 Maldives demanding Religious Freedom in the Country. Not because it was only unacceptable but it is also illegal under the Constitution. One is entitled to Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Expression under the Maldivian Charter of Rights and Freedom, everyone should abide the charter, and follow the right  to exercise freedom given to one by the charter, one should not do so by going against Article 27 of the Constitution. 

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