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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Great Memories in photo ...

Every photo has a story ... Every photo has a memory ... Every photo takes me back in Time ...

Pundit Jee!!!! hahahhaha :) During CHSE ... This picture has a great story ... hahaha :D

In 2005, Alimas Carnival, During the JOTI / JOTA ... this was while I was still in 10th grade!!!

CHSE crowd!!! After School Juicepetty ... on photo from left to right Haneef, wadde, Lubaab, Raani, Hasna, (me), Mahoo and Ulaa ... the good old times ...

At the 21st World Scout Jamboree held in Hylands Park, Chelmsford Uk 2007. Maldivian Contingent!!! In photo from left to right: Shaxa, Saeed(kajurey), Thian, (me) Abdulla Rasheed (seedhibe), Shafaa-ath, Shinan and Shaaniz. we had a good time and great memories!!!

My First JOB: At the Presidents Official Residence, Worked on the President's Special Project on Archiving and History. Me (left), President Mohamed Nasheed (center) and my good friend Hussain Mohamed Haneef (right). Worked at Muliaage for Three months after which I came to Mysore for my Degree.

Male' International Airport... Leaving back to Mysore after a great Holiday Back Home in Maldives. On Photo from Left to right: Azan, Naanu, Shifxan, Shahud, Ahpi, fittey, M.I, (me), Haneef and Samman. Thank you guys for the wonderful time.

Annular Solar Eclipse Photography on 15th January 2010 in Male', Maldives. On photo from left to right: Samman, (me) and my DAD!!! Find the Annular Solar eclipse photos at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/em-squared/sets/72157623347946589/

At the Taj Mahal in India this was after taking part as a facilitator at the SAF Scout Friendship Camp held in Hariyana, India. Had a good time with in the camp!!! was Awesome!!!

At Starbucks Malaysia, Meeting with the 22nd World Scout Jamboree Promotion Team. In Photo: Cleopetra from Uganda, Steve and Big MaC from the PNG, (me) and Tebo from Kiribati. We had a lot of Scouts in the promotional meeting. :( Don't think I can make it to the Sweden WSJ in 2011. :(

TEAM SF: the name SF is a long story :D !!! this was after the Earth Hour Walk which TEAM SF coordinated in Maldives 2009. In photo: from left to right: Samman, Ahpi, (me), Shifzan, Fittey, Shan and Farish.

At the 23rd Asia Pacific Regional Scout Conference in Malaysia, Kuala Lampur. In Photo from left to right: (me), Ahmed Ali Maniku(Kennedy) and Asippe!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009



This was the first time President Mohamed Nasheed took part in a Scout AWARD giving Function after he came to power. It seems that he himself was a scout when he was young. He was a Scout of the 1st Male' Scout Group! Here I am been AWARDED the PRESIDENT'S SCOUT AWARD!! Now this is the Highest Scouting Award given in the MALDIVES!! During this time I was the Rover Crew Leader of the 23rd Male' Scout Group as well, i also worked as a scout leader at Kalaafaanu School and use to go to different other Schools to teach scouting.

Latter that night I managed to get President Nasheed to sign on my SCOUT LOGBOOK!!!


This was again during the time of President Maumoon, This is the 'GREEN LEAF AWARD' or the " fehi fai" . This is the Highest AWARD given by the Government of MALDIVES to appreciate the hard work and determination to protect and conserve the ENVIRONMENT in MALDIVES!!

I was the President of the Center for Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) Environment CLUB the ENVIRONS 2007-2008!! this award was awarded to the CHSE ENVIRONS for its involvement in spreading Environment Awareness among school students!!!


Now this was Year 2008 while still president Maumoon was still in power, the Environmental Champions Award, its given by the government of Maldives in recognition to the services rended to the the conservation and conservation of Environment in the Maldives. I was a staff of the 'RETURN OF THE FLOWERS CAMPAIGN 2008' that was launched by the ministry of Environment Maldives and the Scout Association Of Maldives!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Five scouts selected for final round of the APR Award for Most Outstanding Scouts of the region

After a thorough screening on nine nominations received for the 4th APR Award for Outstanding Scouts, five names were selected for the final round of interview to be held at the beginning of the 23rd Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference come October this year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The names of the finalists selected for the Asia Pacific Most Outstanding Scouts were Ms Jade Elliott, Australia; Mr Dicky Lam Kwok-Hei, Hong Kong; Mr Maeed Mohamed Zahir, Maldives; Mr Harrison Erivera Bautista, Philippines; Mr Chathura Deshpriya Mataraachchi, Sri Lanka.

The panel, comprised of three members from the APR Scouting Profile Sub-Committee and APR Programme Sub-Committee, met in Maldives during the regional workshop on PR and marketing held first week of August, and reviewed the nine nominations from the nine National Scout Organizations and based on the five basic criteria focusing on the candidates' major accomplishments in Scouting, key positions held in Scouting, academic performance and achievements, community involvement and major awards received.

These five finalists are now invited to the regional conference for a final interview with a panel of judges, where three will be declared the "Most Outstanding Scouts of the Region" and the other two as runners-up.

The APR Award for Outstanding Scouts started eight years ago during the regional conference in 2001 and since then it has become a significant part of the regional conference which aims to enhance the image and visibility of Scouting and to emphasize its effectiveness in the development of young people and has gained popularity among the countries.

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