"Everyone has the right to freedom of thought and the freedom to communicate opinions and expressions in a manner that is not contrary to any tenet of Islam" - Article 27 - Constitution of the Republic of Maldives … [THE OPINIONS EXPRESSED IN THIS BLOG ARE MY OWN] … 'Kratos Demos' ...


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Maeed Mohamed Zahir is a social blogger from the Maldives, who writes on social, environmental and political issues faced in the pearls of the Indian ocean. With an increase presence on social media and keen interest in networking he is an amateur photographer, a thinker, a Social and Environment Activist.

Although, he is not a member of any Political Organization or Party, he keeps an open mind and supports the concepts of Social Democracy. A Muslim following the Holy Quran and Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) as a way of life.

With affiliations to different Youth Movements in the country he works on Youth Empowerment. As part of this he has become a member of the international Scouting community, where he currently serves as the Chairman of the Young Adult Member Group – Asia Pacific Region of the World Organization for the Scout Movement.

During his high school days at the Center for Higher Secondary Education (CHSE), the most prestigious public high school in Male', he was elected President of 'Environs', the Environment Club. With sincere dedication, support and effort from Team Environs, he was proudly the Environs President who lifted the 'Green Leaf' award for the high school, the highest recognition given by the Maldivian Government and the President of the Maldives to those persons, institutes and organization that show notable commitment in the Protection and Conservation of Environment in the Maldives.

Maeed works with ECOCARE Maldives, a non- governmental organization based in the Maldives that promotes the protection, sustainability and conservation of Environment in the Country. Regularly contributing his writings on different environmental issues faced in the Maldives on www.ecocare.mv, he is part of the Team ECOCARE.

Maeed is also a proud recipient of the 'Environmental Champions Award (2008)' by the Government of Maldives.

Completing his high schooling, A'Levels in subjects of humanities, and his interest in learning history, landed him the opportunity to work at the Official Residency of the President on a Historical Archiving Project, directly monitored and observed by President Mohamed Nasheed. This opportunity presented him the exposure to different historical documents, scriptures and allowed him to converse with famous historians in the country, enabling him to deepen his understanding of Maldivian History, an area where he would like to expand his knowledge further.

A Scouter from school days, joining the movement only aged 6 as a cub scout at 7th Male' Scout Group – Jamaaludheen School, Maeed continued his scouting in the 21st Male' Scout Group - Dharumavantha School, where he became the first Senior Patrol Leader of the troop Dhooni and served as the Group Quarter Master (2005). Maeed has been awarded the 'President's Scout Award' (2008), the highest scouting award in the Maldives, and in 2009 he was among the recipients of the 'Out-standing Scouts' Award of the Asia Pacific Region – World Organization for the Scout Movement. Today he continues service to the Scout Movement regionally as well as locally as a passionate Scouter. Served as a Group Crew Leader of the 23rd Male' Rovers for two year. Now he holds an Assistant Rover Scout Leader warrant for the 23rd Male' Scout Group – The Scout Association of Maldives. He is a member of the Association of Top Achiever Scouts (ATAS), a global association of top scouter's world wide.

He is also part of Team SOM, an e-scouting initiative www.scoutsofmaldives.com, an online platform that aims to create a network of scouts, to share, to promote Scouting and to provide latest information and news in the Scouting community in the Maldives and elsewhere.

Maeed had completed a 12 day Basic Journalism Course in 2006 organized by CHSE and Haveeru Daily.

His shared interests in the fields of Social Ethics, Morals, Values and Civic education, with high school buddy Hussain Mohamed Haneef, generated the idea of developing an online awareness platform, with support and encouragement from the multi-talented friend Mohamed Ignaaz Ali and Web developer Abdullah Kaleem Abdul Ghafoor, teaming up with these friends he is currently working on the development of www.manzaru.org, an awareness website for the Maldivian community.

Pursing his interest and love in the field of Environment he is currently reading his Final Degree year in Environmental and Earth Sciences at the University of Mysore. 

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