Safety Shoes to Deal with Different Threats at Work

It is important to consider all the possible threats at work when it comes to choose a pair of safety shoes. According to the nature and type of work, the threats workers can encounter may vary. The safety of the workers dependents upon the equipments they are going to use, work they have to do place they work on and raw materials that are used by them. There are different kinds of hazards can occur at your workplace –

  • Dropped objects – Even a small object of 2 kg dropped from just 4 feet of height can cause serious foot injury.
  • Chemical Objects – There are several chemicals you may come into contact with. They can cause corrosive burning or poisoning on your feet.
  • Rolling Objects – if you need to work with tools like tool chests and carts, your feet are exposed to injuries due to these objects.
  • Slippery Areas – Spilling of liquids, lubricants or water on the floor can damage your feet.


By using grounding shoes, you can save yourself from a lot of these hazards and they are important for work safety. Most industrial units offer different safety equipments to the works by considering the threats at work environment. For electric safety, the workers are provided with earthing shoes to protect them from electric shock.


The material shoes and leg coveralls are provided to the workers to prevent chemical burns, rashes, heat burns or other hazards. The safety shoes must be insulated boots or rubber over boots that can easily be found when looking for safety shoes.


If you are doing work where you are prone to cuts, punctures or lacerations, you can buy safety shoes which have steel toes.  If you have risk of broken bones, crushing, bruises or contusions, you can buy shoes with steel toe and metatarsal guards. Also buy shin and leg guards, hip and thigh pads.

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