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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The 07th February Mutiny - End of Mohamed Nasheed Presidency

The Third President of the Second Republic of Maldives, Mr. Mohamed Nasheed (G.Kenereege) has been forced to step down, after what appeared to be a historic 07th February Mutiny by the Security Services and Civil disobedience. 

Once again I call all authorities, forces, services and all people in general, do not harm President Nasheed in any way. He is an elected President of the Republic of Maldives. Uphold the dignity.

Remember that there is an elected Vice President in the Country. Hand over him the responsibilities of the President as soon as possible. Give way to a smooth change. He should take up the oath of office immediately.

We shifted from a Dictatorship to a democracy in 2008 and we showed an example to the world then. I call the Security forces to show that example again. 

Breaking News: Presidency at its brink - Mohamed Nasheed

Reports confirm the Maldivian Defense Force has indeed surrendered to the Maldivian Police Services and the Anti-Government Protesters. President Nasheed is inside Bandaara Koshi the MNDF Headquarters. 

However, unconfirmed reports say that MNDF Soldiers inside the HQ may involve in more confrontations, however, it is believed that most of the Soldiers have joined the Police. 

After what appeared to be bloody confrontations between the Pro-Government protesters and Maldivian Police Service who joined the Anti-Government protests earlier last night, refusing to obey unlawful orders issued to them by superiors, President Nasheed did try to get the situation under control as he addressed the Police. He was responded by "Sir, No Sir". And after being called to resign by the Police Service, Nasheed with MNDF security, entered Bandaara Koshi, the MNDF HQ. 

Maldives witnessed weeks long Anti-Government protests in the capital over the "enforced disappearance" of Judge Abdullah Mohamed by the MNDF on orders of Nasheed. Also since December 23rd, opposition protests have been ongoing over the Governments vague Islamic Policies, and over GMR International Airport. 

While both major hospitals in the capital are on alert and HIGH EMERGENCY, and it has been reported that victims of the confrontation are indeed brought it. No reported deaths. 

This may indeed be the end of the Third President of the Second Republic, Maldives. 


If Nasheed is no longer in power, by Law the Vice President of the County Dr. Waheed should take over. 

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