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Monday, December 26, 2011

Indian Ocean Tsunami: Seven Years, Yet memories fresh ...

A tribute to the victims of Indian Ocean Tsunami 
26th December 2004

Seven years ago it happened, 26th of December never it be forgotten, Seas rose and waves crashed, on the People of the Sea.

Fifty-seven Islands, infrastructure damaged. Fourteen Islands, totally evacuated. Twenty one resorts, forced to close.

$400 Million, estimated damage and loss. Hundred and Eight people, reported dead.

The tsunami that came, left with the pain. Memories fresh, dwell in our hearts.   

*the statistics are Maldivian 

YusufIslam - CatSteven 
Indian Ocean
(Indian Ocean is a song recorded by Yusuf Islam formerly Cat Stevens in aid of the countless children orphaned in tsunami-hit Indonesia.)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Uphold the Constitution and Remain a Sovereign Islamic Nation !!

Constitution of the Republic of Maldives.
(Famous capture of the cover, not sure of the photographer)
With laws made to safeguard Islam as a religion in Maldives how can one even think that the country will loose Islam as it's foundation and its faith? Who ever thinks otherwise is either unaware of the Constitutional authority Islam has in the country or is unable to digest the reality that Maldivians go way deep into roots of Islam. There should be NO fear among Maldivians to believe or even think of a day when Islam can be wiped off the surface of Maldives. 

We are Maldivians, we have remained an Islamic state for over 800 years or so. We are a country that fosters the Islamic way of life, morals and values. We are apparently the only 100% people democracy in the world that has a 100% Muslim population. We should not only be proud of it but should also protect this legacy by not allowing our country turn into a extremist hub. We should not allow our country to fall into the hands of religious extremists and turn into another Taliban Afghanistan. We are a moderate people with a beautiful history and culture, we are a people of peace and harmony. We should all keep this in mind and make sure we do not take that wrong turn in these changing tides. 

I for one strongly oppose the small protest by some 30 Maldives demanding Religious Freedom in the Country. Not because it was only unacceptable but it is also illegal under the Constitution. One is entitled to Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Expression under the Maldivian Charter of Rights and Freedom, everyone should abide the charter, and follow the right  to exercise freedom given to one by the charter, one should not do so by going against Article 27 of the Constitution. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Random thoughts: Politics in Maldives heading nowhere

For any democracy to function one will always assume that there has to be a ruling party and a opposition party. In the case on Maldives, a country that so happens to be a transitioned democracy, we have some 13 different registered political parties, of course divided into two main fronts. These political parties have already formed alliances and alleged to work hand in hand on these fronts.

Then again when one comes to think about the history of most of these parties, one will find that they come from similar origins, born out of personal conflicts, power hunger or difference in opinion. Same old faces from day one, shuffling through the "Party System" of a struggling country.

The country happens to be a Presidential system of government however, with too many elements of a parliamentary system of governance. 

Members of the Parliament (MPs) are elected after a General election where constituencies get to elect their candidates whether it be an independent candidate or a party candidate. When a candidate comes  out with a party ticket, the public goes along with their favored political party and makes sure that the party gets the seat. On rare instances in some constituencies where people do not favor any of the party choices they have, get themselves an independent candidate on their seat. Now these members are elected either cause of their party background or simply cause their political stance go along with the majority. 
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