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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

National Service could solve Social problems in Maldives... My thoughts ...

Come to think of it !! Every Maldivian, to be more precise every Young Maldivian, after completing his/her basic education (lets assume that's A'Levels or O'Levels), 'joins' National Service in the country for a period of maybe one to two years. Whether it be the Maldivian National Defense Force - MNDF (Army, Fire and Rescue, Coast Guard etc ... ), Police Services or similar National Service institutions. Don't you think we will have a better youth generation? 

(Hopefully we will have a Civil Fire Fighting force soon and a Civil Paramedic service which could be an  addition to the National Service Institutions)

I am not talking about the "forced conscription" that was strictly enforced by the government after the very unfortunate November 3rd failed coup attempt. I am talking about a more 'option' based mechanism, one which will attract the young Maldivian crowd out there. Something that gives youth an opportunity to get them physically fit, a program that can teach important life skills and train them to play a productive roll in the society. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I support Palestinian right to statehood

I support Palestinian right to statehood.

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Bangladeshi Freedom Fighter: Habibul Alam, Bir Pratik

"... The white Chevrolet rolled into the porch and two people were trying to get out. I threw the second grenade, which landed near the revolting door... It was for the first time that the people who were hanging around Hotel Intercontinental saw with their own eyes that an attack on the government was being made by the freedom fighters ..." 

For those of you who have not met a real "Guerrilla rebel", a real "Freedom Fighter", a real "Hero", a real "Scouter" and a real "Gentleman", all "in one", here is the man you should read about.

Habibul Alam, only a student at Dhaka University, joined the liberation war in Bangladesh early 1971. He fought for a free independent Bangladesh under the command of Sector-2 and K-forces. He made his stand strong and made history witness, his courage and bravery by leading the first group of 17 boys that came into the heart of Dhaka City to fight the enemy. His role in the liberation war till its very end was not just important but necessary. 

For his active participation and bravery in the war of Liberation in 1971 the Government of the Peoples' Republic of Bangladesh awarded him the gallantry award "Bir Pratik". 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Re-thinking Progress: The Circular Economy

Re-think and Re-design our future.
A Circular Economy for a Greener Economy 

09.09.2011: A mourners day to the students of Hiriya School.

A day to remember... 5 very lives lost... Four students, One very extraordinary Principal, lost their last breaths to the mighty waters. 

I was at Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata, when Haneef rang me on my cell and told me of this very unfortunate incident. "Its not clear how many died, no exact figures no official statements were issued by any authorities" he told me ... 

With no internet, no IDD facility nor STD facility in the "International" Airport.  I depended on the different people I spoke on phone. Haneef, Zambe and Azan kept me informed with the updates while Babaa (in tears) and Ahlam Miss confirmed me other details. I was terrified to hear of the death of Ali Nazim and the four students. It was one very sorrowful news I had to digest.  

I knew Nazim Sir as the Principal and Group Scout Leader of Hiriya School. He was a kindhearted gentleman who always met me with a warm smile. During the brief encounters we had, he would always ask me how I was doing and how my studies were going on. He would speak very politely, with respect in his tone, to who ever he addressed. I have never seen him say anything loud or seen him rage at anyone.  

Last I saw him was in August, while I was on vacation. On road late night while I was heading home with Azan ... he comes up on the side on his Motorbike very calm and informal, actually it was the very first time I saw him not in a formal wear and in shorts, says hi in his very cheerful tone. There he was with his warm welcoming smile greeting me and Azan. (I remember this last meeting with him all too well because he was taking home some Coconuts.)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

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