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Saturday, July 30, 2011

What does peace mean??

I understand peace as a state of calm atmosphere where people belonging to different nations enjoy their own and respect the basic human rights of others and live freely according to their law, customs, traditions and religion. I define Solidarity as the integration of society to achieve a common goal. I believe peace and solidarity should come together, hand in hand. 

Peace and Solidarity is important for a sustainable, socio-economic and cultural development; to share knowledge and technologies; to overcome difficulties; to use the resources efficiently; to reduce environmental degradation; to develop and maintain better relationship; to improve cultural exchange among all the countries; to gain trade advantages; to promote health and welfare; and to remove discrimination. 

For any people, group, society, community or a country or a nation as a whole peace is an essential requirement to progress and prosper, develop and to succeed. It’s a responsibility for us the youth and the generations that are to come to work at our fullest in ensuring that we keep this world a safer and a more peaceful place. We need to become a people who love peace and encourage peace. 
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