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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Are you a Muslim?

“There is no one worthy of worship except Allah (God) and Mohamed is the final Apostle (messenger/prophet) of God.”

One not only has to say these words but should also believe in this testimony of faith to be a Muslim.
Having a Muslim name, living in a Muslim country, having Muslim parents cannot make anyone a Muslim. It is the fundamentals and principles that you follow which can determine whether you are indeed a Muslim or not. You cannot be judged by your words but only and only by your actions.
Apart from the religious obligations, the 5 pillars of Islam, we as Muslims also need to have the Islamic character within ourselves. Quran, the last words God, remains unaltered and the life and living of Mohamed (peace be upon him), which can be learned from his Sunnah are the fundamentals of Islam, therefore it is the belief and practice of every Muslim. The teaching of Islam tells us the important characteristics of a Muslim.

Population explosion; a major environmental issue in Male’

Male' a concrete jungle. Flickr Photo: mnaseeh
Male’ is the capital city of the Maldives. It is the largest city in terms of population, infrastructure and development in the country. Located 4°10′30″N – 73°30′32″E, Male’ is at the southern edge of North Male’ Atoll (also known as Kaafu Atoll). Though geographically located in Kaafu Atoll, Male’ is administratively not considered as part of it, but rather administered separately. Three more islands namely Villimale’Hulhumale’and Hulhule’ make up the Male’ city. Total area of the city is 5.798 km², which has a population of 103,693 (as per 2006 census). Male’ is the social, economical and recreational hub of Maldives provided with wide range of facilities and infrastructure. Also Male’ has a commercial harbor making it the centre of commercial activities in the country. Hulhule’ Island is basically an airport Island that hosts the Male’ International Airport and hence is the gateway to the Maldives. Male’ can be considered as one of the most densely populated capital of the world.
What is Population Explosion?
The basic textbook definition for the term Population Explosion is the increase in individuals occupying a particular specific area at a given time. In other words it is another name that can be used for the term “Overpopulation”. Overpopulation happens to be a common trend found in the developing countries around the world.
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