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Monday, January 3, 2011

My thoughts ... a Maldive Island University ??

The Maldives is made up by a total of over 1190 Islands. Over 90 of these islands are tourists resorts, as the Maldives has a One Island - One hotel concept, the resorts are totally isolated from the local communities. Locals live in some 150 or so islands ... still this leaves us with a number of uninhabited islands.

I wonder why the government cannot come up with one island that can be built as an academic island. Some thing like One Island - One University or at least One Island - One College or something.

I am talking about one island which can be planed and built as the University of Maldives. An Island where on campus accommodation is available for students. A campus where all faculties, institutes and departments can be housed. An Island ... a University Island where students from all parts of Maldives can come for higher studies. I am pretty sure that we have the necessary means to built an infrastructure for a University Island and I suppose funds can be generated for such a project as well.

Lets say the latest and state of art facility ... Awesome campus accommodation ... Recreation and entertainment facilities ... Water sports ... wow .. now wouldn't that be college life?

Can this not be possible?? Will this not be something that we can develop?? Pretty sure we can attract a lot of students ... hmmm ... Just another thought ... 

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