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Sunday, July 4, 2010

APR Young Adult Members Group met in Bangalore !!!

The APR Young Adult Member Group (YAMG) met in Bangalore this June. This was the first time after the KL 2009 that all YAMG members met face to face. The YAMG had its meeting prior to the Summit where Mr. Jed Delgado (Chairman, Program Sub-committee), Mr. Rajalingum (the Vice Chairman, Program Sub-committee) and Mr. Syd Castillo (APR Youth Director) joined.

More meeting of YAMG took place during the summit where YAMG members shared and discussed many ideas and future plans. YAMG met with Karin Ahlbäck the Youth Advisor to the World Scout Committee.

The members of YAMG also actively participated in the Summit Floor discussions mostly on the youth issues that were addressed in the summit. It was in this Summit that for the first time the Chairman of YAMG (who is also a member of the Regional Scout Committee) was given the opportunity to chair a session in the summit.

YAMG is looking forward to attend the Japan-Korea Youth Forum that is to be held in August in Korea as well as the Regional Jamboree in Korea this August as Facilitators and staff.

APR SCOUT LEADERS SUMMIT 2010, Bangalore; Maldivian Delegation

Silicon City of India, Bangalore hosted the 7th Asia Pacific Regional Scout Leaders Summit this June. The APR summit was held in Atria Hotel in Bangalore on the 24th June 2010. More than 130 prominent Scout leaders from 22 countries in the Asia-PacificRegion and 3 countries outside the region participated, making this summit the largest gathering since 1993.The Summit is a regional event with the main purpose of regional strategic planning as well as to prepare for the forthcoming World Scout Conferences.
The Maldivian delegation consisted of Mr. Mohamed Nazeef (Chief Commissioner) and Mr. Ibrahim Zameer (Deputy Chief Commissioner). The delegation actively participated in the floor discussions as well as worked in the different work groups in the summit. The delegation was joined by Mr. Ahmed Ali Maniku who attended the summit as a member of the Profile Sub-committee. Maeed Mohamed Zahir from Maldives also attended the summit as a member of the APR Scout Committee.
Prior to the Summit the APR Regional Scout Committee and other Sub-Committees met. Mr. Ahmed Ali Maniku attended his respected sub-committee, the Profile sub commitee meetings. Mr. Mohamed Nazeef; the chief Commissioner of the Scout Association of Maldives deliveredthe Maldives CNV report to the Regional Scout Committee before the summit.
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