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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Youth Environment Forum - Suncheon, Korea

Youth Environment Forum
27th Asia Pacific Jamboree & 3rd International Patrol Jamboree
Suncheon, Korea
7th August 2010


The Youth Environment forum was held as a program of the 27th Asia Pacific Jamboree & 3rd International Patrol Jamboree held in Suncheon, Korea. The Youth Environment forum took place on the 7th August 2010. 76 scouts from Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, America, Mongolia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea took part in the forum. The forum was facilitated by the APR Young Adult Members Group (YAMG) and Korea Scout Association (KSA).

The objective of the forum was to learn the meaning and importance of recycling and how to apply it in daily life through eco-friendly research and activities.

There was an opening speech given by Taiwan Scout Yang Yu, where she highlighted the importance of Environment and its vulnerability. The keynote speech was given by APR Young Adults Group Chairman Maeed M. Zahir, where he explained a more global perspective on the current environmental issues that are faced and the role of scouts.

The participants of the youth forum were divided into three groups ‘Eagle’, ‘Owl’ and ‘Hooded crane’. Each group took part in outdoor observations, made evaluations and prepared presentations based on their findings.

Eagle Group;
The topic focused by this group was the ways reduce garbage. Eagle group had its observations and evaluations in the Jamboree site. The group interviewed other scouts to find out how they consider about recycling movement. The observations, evaluations made by Eagle group showed that in a jamboree camp site:

  • Recycling was found to be good and properly managed.
  • There were waste bins set up in different parts of the jamboree site.
  • However some empty plastic bottles were found thrown out in the jamboree site.
  • General cleanliness of sub camps and surrounding were found to be kept clean.
In light of the findings the group suggested:

  • To reuse the empty bottles.
  • To use more environments friendly means while camping.
The group was facilitated by Tei Huh – KSA

Owl group;
The area focused by this group was Garbage disposal and waste management in Suncheon City. Owl group focused its observation in Suncheon city centre area. The group interviewed the locals and residents on how they consider the recycling movement, waste and garbage disposal management in the city. The observations, evaluation made by Owl group showed that:
  • Participants found that Suncheon city authorities have a proper garbage disposal system.
  • Waste produced in local households, shops etc … are regularly picked up by garbage trucks.
  • Waste is taken and handled in proper waste management methodology by the authorities.
  • Regular street cleaners were found dispatched in the city that collects and cleans up the streets keeping them clean.
In light of the findings the group suggested:
  • There were no dustbins in the area it was suggested to place them on the streets.
  • Encourage locals and residents to keep the city clean.
The group was facilitated by Maeed M. Zahir – APR YAMG.

Hooded Crane;
This group concentrated on the different environment movement and what sort of garbage that was found mostly in Suncheon City. The group’s observation and evaluation showed that:
  • They found cigarette butts and gum on the streets.
  • Also found that in some parts there was rubbish on the street as well.
  • However generally the city appeared clean.
In light of the findings the group suggested:
  • Locals and residents to be made more aware by putting billboards and other means to give them the message of not to litter.
  • To place trash cans on the streets so that people can use them.
The group was facilitated by Benz Tabtivisitkul – APR YAMG.

After a session of presentation and discussion on the findings the participants of the forum discussed on the Environmental issues that are faced in the current society and how they as scouts can contribute. The forum ended with the handing out of certificates to the participants and Staff and closing remark by Dr. Eugene Gui KIM – International commissioner, KSA.

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