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Monday, September 6, 2010

My thoughts ... SAM registration issue with Home ministry

This morning (5/9/2010) there was a Radio report sent by one of the leading FM channel in Male', DhiFM on the different issues that the Scout Association of Maldives is facing. Latter I was confirmed by a friend that a report on this was brought by DhiTV in the 8:00 PM News.

In the particular radio interview (which I was listening through web) there was a spokes lady from the Home ministry saying that the Association had been shortlisted for termination of registration since they have not been following the Associations and Organizations regulation, the Association has not send Annual reports and Executive committee details for the past two years. However the name of the Association has been removed from this list after the Association requested to extend the deadline, also in the interview the lady explains that if the documents are not sent to the ministry the association will be terminated.

Registration termination in Home ministry is one issue that the Association will have to deal immediate and with a great deal of seriousness ... keeping this in mind it should not be forgotten about WOSM membership as well!!!

Under WOSM Constitution Chapter III, Article V, 3. Membership of a NSO requires: (a) ESTABLISHMENT OF ITS LEGAL ENTITY AND EVIDENCE OF ITS NATIONAL OPERATION...

This clearly means that any NSO registered with WOSM needs to have all its National formalities and legalities in proper order to remain a member of the Movement!!!

In the case of Maldives this means that if the Association is expelled or removed from the Home ministry as an Organization/Association registered in Maldives then there is a serious issue with WOSM membership as well ... to remain a member of WOSM first it is essential to be recognized and registered by the government!!!

Should remember that SAM had to go through a membership issue earlier too concerning with the delay of membership fee to WOSM ... should learn by previous mistakes and not repeat.

The Scouting movement in Maldives celebrated 53 years of existence this May, as a Scouter I do not wish to see the movement come to an end due to some administrative carelessness. I for one am ready to give any help or assistance in any manner possible for the Association to get on its feet's and I am sure that there are a lot of others (more capable people) ready to help and contribute to the Association. I call more leaders to take part in the efforts to help the Association and end the era of Hatred and personal grudge which has been shadowed on the movement in Maldives.

Kick the "IM" out of "IMPOSSIBLE" and lets make it "POSSIBLE"

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