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Thursday, February 18, 2010

World Scout Jamboree Badges

I started collecting Scout Badges at a very young age. Remember my father taking me to a Scout Fair in Jamaluddin School when I was a Cub (dont remember exact year). At the Fair there was Badge stall where they sold Badges and its from here that dad bought me my first badges for my Badge Collection.

Bellow is the World Scout Jamboree (Embroidery) Badge Collection I own:

Total : 22 Badges (including the 22nd WSJ badge that is to be held in 2011, Sweden)

1920, United Kingdom
This was the First World Scout Jamboree

1924, Denmark
The Second World Scout Jamboree

1929, United Kingdom (2nd time in UK)
The Third World Scout Jamboree

1933, Hungary
The fourth World Scout Jamboree

1937, Netherlands
the Fifth World Scout Jamboree

1947, France
the Sixth World Scout Jamboree

1951, Austria
the Seventh World Scout Jamboree

1955, Canada
the Eight World Scout Jamboree

1947, United Kingdom (Third time in UK)
the Ninth World Scout Jamboree

1959, Philippines
the Tenth World Scout Jamboree

1963, Greece
the Eleventh World Scout Jamboree

1967, USA
the Twelfth World Scout Jamboree

1971, Japan
the Thirteenth World Scout Jamboree

1975, Norway
the Fourteenth World Scout Jamboree

1983, Canada (second time in Canada)
the Fifteenth World Scout Jamboree

1987-88, Australia
the Sixteenth World Scout Jamboree
1991, Korea
the Seventeenth World Scout Jamboree

1995, Netherlands (second time in Netherlands)
the Eighteenth World Scout Jamboree

1999, Chile
the Nineteenth World Scout Jamboree

the Twentieth World Scout Jamboree

2007, United Kingdom (fourth time in UK)
the Twenty First Wold Scout Jamboree
(I got the opportunity to take part in this one, Under the Operation One World Program)

2011, Sweden
This GOING TO BE the Twenty Second World Scout Jamboree

No badge here is for exchange!
All badges in these photos belong to me.

Photos taken from Nikon Cool-pix S220


shammun said...

I participated in the 19th world scout jamboree which was held in CHILE. That was the the first time i stepped in United States of America. 2 scouts from Maldives got the chance. I am one and the other guy was from EPSS. His name was THOHA ABOOBAKURU. The Scout Association had 5 scouts for the interview and among those 5 both of us got selected. And what suprised me was that i was the most junior one among the 5. I had only green cord while all other 4 scouts had junior or senior sash with bushman's thong. Among the 5 scouts 2 were from Majeediyya School, Me, and Ali Mubeen (younger brother of the politician Mr.Mahloof)
Well that was a cool and 100% FREE experience.

- Mohamed Shamoon (President's Scout)-

em_squared said...

I know mubeen thats "Bee" right he was in Ecocare earlier.. Now in youth Ministry i think!! or doing a course ...

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