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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Asia-Pacific Young Adult Members New Group

Asia-Pacific Young Adult Members New Group

The main highlight of the 6th APR Scout Youth Forum was the election of new batch of the Young Adult Members Group (YAMG) for the period of 2009-2012.

Youth forum participants elected seven representatives of the YAMG. They are Maeedh Mohamed Zahir of Maldives as the new Chairman, Lam Kwok Hei Dicky of Hong Kong, Ari Wijanarko Adipratomo of Indonesia, Seo Ji Eun of Korea, Mohd Hafiz Bin Ariffin of Malaysia, Oliver Lim Zi Kai of Singapore and Krittee Tantivisitkul of Thailand. Current YAMG were Manabu Hiratsuka of Japan as the Chairman and members Nikketah Cuneo (Australia), Sarah Ho Wing Kei (Singapore), Muller Bato (Philippines), Karma Choden (Bhutan) and Rio Ashadi (Indonesia).

Consistent to the World Scout Conference Resolution, “YAMG Induction" for the newly elected Young Adult Members Group (2009-2012) was organized. This "YAMG Induction" was a new initiative where in key leaders of the region were given a briefing session on the role and task of the new set of YAMG.

Present were Regional Scout Committee Vice-Chairman Tan Cheng Kiong, member John Ravenhall, Programme Sub-Committee Chairman Alfian Amura, Vice-Chairman Julie Creed, YAMG Chairman Manabu Hiratsuka, members Rio Ashadi, Nikketah Cuneo, APR Director Syd Castillo and member of the World Youth Advisors Karin Alhback.

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