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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Are you ready to show them you care?

The time to solve climate change is NOW.

Are you ready to show them you care?

please take part!!!!!!!!!! visit :


Scouts Engage in Climate Change Action

Scouts provide relief support after Cyclone Cidr

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Scouts Engage in Climate Change Action

The world is being threatened by climate change and Scouts have the opportunity to have their actions recognised and their voices heard amongst the world's leaders on this important issue. In December 2009, The United Nations will hold a Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark where world leaders will decide what future we would like to see for our shared planet. In light of the current international focus on climate change and environmental awareness, the World Organization of the Scout Movement reaffirms its commitment to the environment and tackling climate change by urging Scouts around the world to demonstrate their leadership capabilities and take action.

Several co-operative partnerships have been established between WOSM and other organisations that have committed themselves to tackling the climate change challenge. Scouts have many opportunities to show their concern for the environment and to share what action they are taking on the climate change challenge, which can be seen by the local community and international community. We urge Scouts worldwide to engage in the following campaigns, visit the websites and participate in vocalising our pledge in our mission of “Creating a Better World”.

Unite for Climate

Unite for Climate is your entry point into the world of youth action on Climate Change. Here you can join an online community working on Climate Change, find out how young people are responding to climate change, learn about their experiences, and join campaigns from around the world.
Our mission is to support young people's action on climate change around the world by providing easy and efficient tools to organize their action. The online community is specifically focused on youth action from around the world.
The official launch of Unite for Climate will take place at the United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP) International Children's and Youth Conference in Daejeon, Republic of Korea on the 20th August. This is the portal for Scouts to join the participants of conference and to share their opinion in a statement on climate change that will be given to the world leaders in Copenhagen.
Join in and register to the WOSM Group with the following link: http://my.uniteforclimate.org/
Check out the official site of Unite for Climate at:

Seal the Deal

The UN-led Seal the Deal! Campaign aims to galvanise political will and public support for reaching a comprehensive global climate agreement in Copenhagen in December. Reaching a deal by the time the meeting ends on December 18 will depend not only on political negotiations but also on public pressure from around the globe. Public support must be galvanised.

To do this, the United Nations has launched “Seal the Deal!”, a campaign that encourages users to sign an online, global petition which will be presented to world leaders. The petition will serve as a reminder that world leaders must negotiate a fair, balanced and effective agreement in Copenhagen, and that they must seal a deal to power green growth, protect our planet and build a more sustainable, prosperous global economy that will benefit all nations and all people.

Use the following link to visit the web site, sign up and vote:http://www.sealthedeal2009.org/

The Billion Tree Campaign

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has launched a major worldwide tree planting campaign. Under the Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign, people, communities, business and industry, civil society organisations and governments are encouraged to enter tree planting pledges online with the objective of planting at least one billion trees worldwide each year. In a call to further individual and collective action, UNEP has set a new goal of planting 7 billion trees by the end of 2009.

The campaign strongly encourages the planting of indigenous trees and trees that are appropriate to the local environment. Scouts have already registered millions of trees they have planted and have several stories published on the website and are encouraged to continue to share their tree planting efforts at: http://www.unep.org/billiontreecampaign/

Clean Up the World

Clean Up the World is a community based environmental program that inspires and empowers individuals and communities from every corner of the globe to clean up, fix up and conserve their environment.

The campaign brings together businesses, community groups, schools, governments and individuals in a range of activities and programs that positively improve local environments.

Since the first Clean Up the World campaign in 1993 the improvements achieved due to the efforts of millions of concerned volunteers around the world have been astounding. Scouts have been involved at a local level with this campaign from the beginning and in 2008 and 2009 WOSM have officially partnered as an Ally to the Clean Up the World Campaign.

Learn more: http://www.cleanuptheworld.org
Register at:

Earth Hour's Vote Earth!

In March this year Scouts in at least 45 countries joined hundreds of millions of people around the world for Earth Hour and sent a message with their light switches that they vote for 'Earth' over 'Global Warming'. You can continue to 'Vote Earth' in the lead-up to the crucial UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen this December by doing something that helps reduce the impact of global warming and declaring that as your 'Vote for Earth'.

You might be regenerating a local wetland, you might be changing the light bulbs in your house, you might be talking about climate change to your friends. Any positive action for the planet is a 'Vote for Earth' - it can be as easy or as complex as you choose. We're producing new stuff all the time to help you show your friends, family and the rest of the online community how you are 'Voting Earth'. Follow this link to find out more: http://www.earthhour.org/home/

Scouts called upon to focus on global warming, environment and drug abuse awareness

Scouts called upon to focus on global warming, environment and drug abuse awareness

The Vice President of the Government of Maldives Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik has called upon Scouts to be active and to be more aware of global danger of climate change, environment and drug abuse as challenges for today’s youth.

He made the remarks in his opening address at the APR Workshop on Public Relations and Marketing held in Aarah in Maldives, an island just 2 km away from the international airport island, set aside mainly for the participants staying in the island. Sixteen countries were represented all across Asia Pacific Region with more than 50 participants. The opening ceremony of the workshop which is running from 1st to 4th August 2009, was attended by the Minister of Education Dr. Musthafa Luthufee and Scout Council members and Chief Commissioner Ahmed Ali Maniku who welcomed the participants. Shree Ram Lamichhane, Chairman of the APR Scouting Profile Sub-Committee, outlined the workshop details.

The workshop, following the regional plan on membership growth focused on identifying the importance of PR and marketing in creating the desired image and visibility of Scouting. It aims to recognize wider opportunities to promote Scouting through good practices and community involvement. It also seeks ways to develop PR and marketing network within and among national Scout organizations in the region. The workshop is supported by the Scouting Profile Sub-Committee members led by Chairman Shree Ram Lamichhane, Regional Scout Committee member Dr. Mukhyddin bin Sarwani. The workshop resource people include Sub-Committee members who are professionals in the area of public relations or in marketing led by Vice-Chairman Richard Miller, Brata Hardjosubroto and Alan Zulueta.

An external perspective of PR and marketing as adopted for the promotion of the tourism sector in Maldives as a product, in comparison to what Scouts can do, was presented by Mr Mohamed Maleeh Jamal, a local resource person. Recruitment and retention of young members and adults, reaching out to community and external partners were the other key topics covered in the workshop.

Participants took time of their programme to join the regional colleagues for the 5th APR Air and Internet Jamboree which was simultaneously running from 1st to 2nd August, co-ordinated by The Singapore Scout Association. Individual messages and group greetings were sent out from the specially set-up booth at the venue for the internet jamboree.

The workshop was supported by Regional Director Abdullah Rasheed and programme was looked after by Ms. Luz Taray of the Asia Pacific Region office with the direction of Mohamed Asim of the Scout Association of Maldives.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Five scouts selected for final round of the APR Award for Most Outstanding Scouts of the region

After a thorough screening on nine nominations received for the 4th APR Award for Outstanding Scouts, five names were selected for the final round of interview to be held at the beginning of the 23rd Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference come October this year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The names of the finalists selected for the Asia Pacific Most Outstanding Scouts were Ms Jade Elliott, Australia; Mr Dicky Lam Kwok-Hei, Hong Kong; Mr Maeed Mohamed Zahir, Maldives; Mr Harrison Erivera Bautista, Philippines; Mr Chathura Deshpriya Mataraachchi, Sri Lanka.

The panel, comprised of three members from the APR Scouting Profile Sub-Committee and APR Programme Sub-Committee, met in Maldives during the regional workshop on PR and marketing held first week of August, and reviewed the nine nominations from the nine National Scout Organizations and based on the five basic criteria focusing on the candidates' major accomplishments in Scouting, key positions held in Scouting, academic performance and achievements, community involvement and major awards received.

These five finalists are now invited to the regional conference for a final interview with a panel of judges, where three will be declared the "Most Outstanding Scouts of the Region" and the other two as runners-up.

The APR Award for Outstanding Scouts started eight years ago during the regional conference in 2001 and since then it has become a significant part of the regional conference which aims to enhance the image and visibility of Scouting and to emphasize its effectiveness in the development of young people and has gained popularity among the countries.

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